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Museum catalogue: Polar Art Collection


Rochers suspendus sur la lena [Overhang on the Lena]

Accession no.: N: 1230/7
Object name: Chromo-lithograph
Title: Rochers suspendus sur la lena [Overhang on the Lena]
Description: Chromo-lithograph. Plate 20 from J. de Boulitchoff's 'Voyage d'un La Siberie Orientale' (St Petersberg, 1856).
Medium: Chromo-lithograph
Artist: Bulychov, Ivan Dmitriyevich
Note: Rare nineteenth-century prints presented to SPRI by Dr E.J. Lindgren, founding Fellow of Lucy Cavendish College, who had travelled widely in eastern Asia. The drawings are attributed to Ivan Dmitriyevich Bulychov, a distinguished geographer who made a pioneer journey across eastern Siberia in 1852. Published as an album of prints in St Petersberg in 1856, by the Imperial Academy of Sciences. Captions in Russian and French.
  • Picture: Width: 330mm, height: 225mm
  • sheet: Width: 500mm, height: 390mm