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Museum catalogue: Antarctic Collection




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Accession no.: N: 115a
Object name: Theodolite
Title: Theodolite
Description: Theodolite used during British Australian New Zealand Antarctic Expedition (BANZARE), 1930-31. Made by Carl Zeiss of Jena, and marked 'No. 16166'. A surveying instrument with a rotating telescope for measuring horizontal and vertical angles. The horizontal circle and vertical semi-circle are both divided into degrees (360 in a full circle) with scales for division into minutes (60 in a degree).
Classified name:
SPRI theme science and navigation
Current place name Antarctic regions
UDC 528.5
Geographic UDC (*7)
Getty AAT theodolites
Number of items: 1
Full description:

A theodolite, painted black and grey, with silver-coloured knobs and a white-painted telescope. It sits on a square metal plate. Attached to side of the theodolite is a spirit level. The lower part of the theodolite is marked 'D.R.P. CARL ZEISS D.R.G.M. // JENA' and 'NR 16166' and the upper part is marked 'II'.

  • Width: 160mm, height: 195mm, depth: 155mm
Associated expedition(s):
  • : British Australian and New Zealand Research Expedition 1929-31 (Discovery) (1930 - 1931)
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