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Museum catalogue: Antarctic Collection



Accession no.: N: 1118
Object name: Thermometer
Title: Thermometer
Description: A thermometer in a wooden holder which was used by Lieutenant Charles Royds on the British National Antarctic Expedition 1901-04 (Discovery).-04.
Classified name:
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Current place name Antarctic regions > Ross Dependency
UDC 551.508.26
Geographic UDC (*76)
Getty AAT thermometers
Number of items: 1
Full description:

A broken glass thermometer (only the top and the tip remain) in a wooden housing with a metal base. The base was originally fixed in place with two screws – one is now missing and the base is loose. A red textile tie is knotted through the top of the housing. The extant top of the thermometer is marked '423109'. The front of the casing is marked 'A1524' and has a scale from -80 to +90, and the back is stamped 'LONDON' and scratched 'Dr Moss'.

  • Width: 27mm, length: 167mm, depth: 13mm
Associated person(s):
  • Used by: Royds, Charles William Rawson (1901 - 1904)
Associated expedition(s):
  • Used on: British National Antarctic Expedition 1901-04 (Discovery) (1901 - 1904)