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Museum catalogue: Antarctic Collection


Dog bell

Accession no.: N: 1091a
Object name: Dog bell
Title: Dog bell
Description: A small spherical dog harness bell, made by Drury Brothers of London, as supplied to the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey (FIDS) in 1946. This was one of the first batch of dog bells to be made in the UK.
Classified name:
SPRI theme animal equipment
Current place name Antarctic regions > British Antarctic Territory
UDC 656.198-872.88 : 685.1
Geographic UDC (*72)
Getty AAT bells
Number of items: 1
Full description:

A metal rumbler bell, spherical in shape with a slit in the lower half and a loose ball inside. It has a hanging loop at the top with two holes.

  • Height: 35mm, diameter: 26mm
Associated expedition(s):
  • As used on: Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey 1945-62 (1946 - )