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Museum catalogue: Antarctic Collection



Accession no.: N: 1079q
Object name: Tent
Title: Tent
Description: A pyramid tent (single layer), a groundsheet, four tent poles, six wooden tent pegs and three lengths of rope/cord in a tent bag. Part of the equipment for a fully laden sledge as used by British Graham Land Expedition 1934-37.
Classified name:
SPRI theme expedition equipment
Current place name Antarctic regions > British Antarctic Territory > Maritime Antarctic > Antarctic Peninsula > Graham Land
UDC 685.531
Geographic UDC (*726.3)
Getty AAT tents (portable buildings)
Number of items: 16
Full description:

tent: A beige four-sided pyramid tent (single layer) with a green four-sided snow valance. The tent has a flap entrance with ties on the outer edge and on the inside. There is a textile ventilator near the top of the tent, and a canvas disc at the apex. There are four textile ties at the corners of the valance where it joins the main body of the tent. There are five guy ropes with wooden tensioners around the side of the tent, with a small textile loop on the inside where they are attached. There are numerous stitched repairs and patches all over the tent. 'NEW CANVAS M' and 'OUTER M' are written in blue chalk on the main body of the tent.

groundsheet: A green textile groundsheet made of four pieces stitched together. There is a textile tape loop at the edge of each corner, and another inset from each corner. It is printed in one corner with 'M.&Co. // 1941 // [broad arrow]', and '981' is written in ink. The groundsheet is very dirty and there are lots of stitched repairs which have been circled with red and blue chalk.

tent poles: Four aluminium tent poles fixed into a green textile tent cap. Each pole has two holes at the top and three at the feet, and the ends of the poles have been plugged with wood. The tent cap is made of a waterproof synthetic textile with metal eyelets. It has four stitched pouches to take the poles, and each pole is secured in place with blue cord tied through the eyelets and the holes in the poles.

tent bag: A long, tapering, light green textile tent bag. It has a drawstring opening and a square of textile sewn inside the top edge to act as a lid. It is marked 'WILLIAM SMITH (POPLAR) LTD. // MAKERS // 1942 // [broad arrow]' and '49 [broad arrow]', and '65' is written in ink. There are some small stitching repairs at the top and base, and two patches.

tent pegs and rope: In addition to the tent and poles, the bag also contains six wooden tent pegs (four wide and two narrow), a length of cord, a length of thin rope, and a length of thick rope with a paper label reading 'DR LOBBAN Pyramid tent'.

  • tent: Width: 3610mm, length: 3940mm
  • groundsheet: Width: 2560mm, length: 2670mm
  • tent poles: Length: 2940mm, diameter: 90mm
  • tent bag: Width: 600mm, length: 3350mm
  • tent pegs and rope: Width: 47mm, length: 354mm, depth: 20mm
Associated expedition(s):
  • Used on: British Graham Land Expedition 1934-37 (Penola) (1934 - 1937)