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Your polar self portraits

Your polar self portraits

Submit your Polar Portrait! ᐳ

We invited you to imagine yourself as part of the polar landscape. Below are submissions we received.

The concept design and curatorial work for Polar self Portraits was by Zsuzsanna Ardó. You can read more about the project on our blog.

Alison Ball's self portrait Fiona Craig's self portrait Dafila Scott's self portrait Katie Metcalfe's self portrait Zsuzsanna Ardo's polar self portrait Clarice Zdanski's polar self portrait (1) Christine Steuernagel's self portraitClarice Zdanski's polar self portrait (2) Christa Niestrath Paula Kouwerkoven "Polar" by Yasemin Yilmaz "Alien" by Bojana Stojakovic Polar self portrait by Karin, of Eigen-Art in Berlin Gloria Bruschi Carolina Colciago Anna Centeno Diaz Emily Larson Honor Pickus Sofia Roja-Kratochvil Max Sala Simpson

Blue Planet Blues — concept and text by Zsuzsanna Ardó, music by Jonathan David.

As suggested by the title, the three-movement work focuses on the desecration of our planet's oceans and waterways. The first movement is a choral meditation on the single word, "Blue." The central movement juxtaposes the starkly contrasting words of Donald Trump and Teddy Roosevelt on the topic of environmental stewardship. The final movement is a fantasia on water in all its myriad forms. BPB features considerable "watery" aleatoric work, as well as spoken word, and is centered on the mode of Lydian-Flat7, also known as the acoustic scale.