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The Big Freeze - things to do

The Big Freeze - things to do

How about a Polar Portrait of… yourself?

How about the face of the polar landscape as the landscape of your face?

How about an adventure in art to create the polar landscape as yourself?

Creative steps along this 'polar expedition':

1. Inspiration — an Arctic expedition of art
Watch Polar self Portraits_2. Listen to the soundscape; immerse yourself in the images; read this article about the Polar self

2. Research — an expedition across the face
Travel the unique landscape of your face. Study the hills and valleys – the topography of your features. Take a selfie to draw from or use a mirror.

3. Imagination — merge your two expeditions
Imagine yourself as part of the polar landscape. Feel the touch of the waves, hear the pulse of sounds. Use any medium, any size. Create.

4. Document — share your journey
Photograph, credit and share your image on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram via #BigFreezeArtFest. You can also share your image to

What next?

Sharing gives permission for the Polar self Portraits and the Big Freeze projects to use the image, but the copyright is retained by the artist.

As the Scott Polar Research Institute receives contributions for the Challenge, we will store them as a collaborative digital snapshot of self expressions about our current dynamics with the polar regions, and share them on our website with credit. We will also share some contributions via our social media channels, again crediting the creator of the image.

After the end of the Big Freeze Art Festival, we hope to make a digital showcase of contributions possibly in the form of an online exhibition or a short film, curated by a panel including the Polar Museum curator, Zsuzsanna Ardó the Polar self Portraits curator, and polar researchers from the Scott Polar Research Institute. Thank you for taking part!

5. Revisit — reflect
View the exhibition of new self-portraits.
Re-revisit the Polar self Portraits_2 film in the light of your imaginary journeys.

©Zsuzsanna Ardó, Polar self Portraits curator,