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SPRI Timesaver

SPRI Timesaver

SPRI Timesaver is a service designed for those planning to visit SPRI library but with limited time to spend here.

All libraries are unique and few more so than this one. The key to using the library effectively is detailed knowledge of the 162-page schedule of the Universal Decimal Classification for Use in Polar Libraries. This classification schedule is used both to arrange publications on shelves and to provide detailed indexing to subject content. Naturally, most people do not have the time to give UDC the study it deserves. Instead, SPRI Timesaver may offer what you need.

Subscribers to this service are provided with:

  • a desk reserved for your use
  • a SPRILIB bibliography on your topic (up to 100 records)
  • selected publications brought to your desk
  • free photocopying by staff of requested articles (up to 50 A4 pages per day)

The fee for the standard SPRI Timesaver service is £50.00 (US $75.00) per day. Bibliographies of over 100 records, more than one bibliography, or photocopying over 50 A4 pages per day, may all be arranged but at an additional cost.

If you would like to use SPRI Timesaver, please complete the Timesaver application form - as soon as possible so that the bibliography may be sent to you in advance of your visit - and send it to:

Timesaver Service,
The Library,
Scott Polar Research Institute,
Lensfield Road,
Cambridge CB2 1ER,

Tel: +44 (0)1223 336552
Fax: +44 (0)1223 336549


Please note that SPRI Timesaver covers published information only. For unpublished information, a separate appointment should be made with the Archives Assistant ( or via the online booking form.