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Document handling of Special Collections material

Document handling of Special Collections material

Our Special Collections are irreplaceable and special care is needed when using material to ensure its continued survival.

Readers must deposit any coats, briefcases, bags or similar items using the coat rack and lockers provided at the Library entrance.

Food and drink must not be consumed anywhere in the Library and is strictly forbidden when using Special Collections material. Mobile telephones should not be used when consulting Special Collections material.

Please keep the desk as clear as possible.

Readers should ensure that their hands are clean and dry. Please do not use hand creams or lick fingers when handling Special Collections items. Also please remember to wash your hands after coffee/tea/lunch.

Readers should only use a 2B pencil to take notes; ink and ball-point pens must not be used with Special Collections material. Tracing from documents is prohibited. A laptop computer may be used but care should be taken to keep heat vents and cables away from the item in use.

All printed material must be handled with great care, and must not be marked in any way. Pages must be turned carefully and any additional items such as maps or illustrations should be handled delicately.

No books, papers or other objects may be laid on the material. Book weights and snakes may be used and are available from the Library Office.

Gloves will be provided for handling certain items and must be worn on request.

No materials may be taken away from the Special Collections reading desk under any circumstances, other than to return the item to staff. Library staff will replace items in the locked cases after use.

Infringement of these conditions may result in the withdrawal of the privilege of access.