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Special Collections Access Policy

Special Collections Access Policy

The Polar Library's Special Collections are maintained to preserve the documentary heritage of the polar regions. The Special Collections are housed in the Library and Archives, and the Institute aims to make the collections available to researchers whilst ensuring their long term preservation.

Searching for Special Collections material

Special Collections material at the Scott Polar Research Institute is listed in iDiscover, the University of Cambridge's search and discovery platform. You can search iDiscover from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Request forms

Those wishing to consult Special Collections material should fill out a request form, also available from staff in the library office. Full details from the catalogue should be entered for each item. Readers may order up to five items at a time; they will be issued individually.

The form records a reader's signature, acknowledging agreement to the access policy, document handling regulations and the conditions for copying material.

Copyright restrictions

UK copyright law applies to the copying of any document or work in the Institute's collections. This requires that the copying of items in copyright is for non-commercial research and private study only. A copyright declaration form must be completed before any copies are made or supplied.

If you require material for commercial use or any form of publication, you must seek appropriate permission from the copyright holder. Please speak to a member of Library staff for more information.

Use of the Special Collections

Special Collections material may be consulted during staff hours: 09:00–13:00 and 14:00–17:00.

Readers will be held liable for material issued to them and for the safe return of each item.

The Institute reserves the rights at any time to impose specific restrictions on the use of, or prohibit access to, any material.

Use of the Special Collections is free. In specific circumstances, however, the Institute reserves the right to impose fees for providing access to certain materials (such as those requiring significant time to make them available).