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SPRILIB Russian North: further information

SPRILIB Russian North: further information


SPRILIB Russian North is a subset of SPRILIB, the bibliographic database of the Scott Polar Research Institute. The full database may be accessed in-house or on the NISC Arctic and Antarctic Regions CD-ROM.

SPRILIB Russian North covers publications on all subjects and in all languages about European Russia south to 63 degrees N. and Asian Russia south to 57 degrees N., including all of Kamchatka and Sakhalin. Coverage also extends to the seas north of Russia: Barents, Chukchi, East Siberian, Laptev, Kara and White. Our definition follows that used by Armstrong, Rogers and Rowley in The Circumpolar North (London: Methuen, 1978).


1. Author searching

Authors are searched in the same way as subject terms. This is not quite the same way as in a conventional publications catalogue. Imagine that you want to see all publications by Aleksey Treshnikov. If you just enter 'Treshnikov', you will get publications by Aleksey, Nikolay other Treshnikovs. If you enter 'A. Treshnikov', you will get publications by Aleksey, Andrey and Anatoliy. If you enter 'Aleksey Treshnikov', his publications will be the first to be displayed, followed by publications by other authors named either 'Aleksey' or 'Treshnikov'.

Tip: Whenever possible, SPRILIB Russian North uses full author names. Use these if you know them.

2. Complex Searches

Complex Searches are those using more than one box. They are not difficult to do. Here are some examples:

For biographical studies of Shelikhov:
Enter 'Shelikhov' in the uppermost search box. Now select 'Biographies' in the General Field box. Press 'Search' to display results.

For ethnographic studies of the Komi Republic:
In the General Field box, select 'Anthropology'. In the Place box, scroll down to 'Komi Respublika' and select. Press 'Search' to display results.

Tip: Use the boxes to tailor the records displayed to your exact requirements.

3. Relevance Marking - How to select and add the most useful search terms

How can you be sure that you always use the best terms to find what you are looking for? SPRILIB Russian North's search software can help you here. Use the checkbox by each publication to mark as relevant all those in which you are interested. Muscat will now automatically reorder your search results taking into account any additional terms used in indexing these publications. For still greater precision, use the 'Expand' function. Selecting this will display these additional terms and you can select those which are most useful.

Tip: Relevance marking is most useful where choice of search terms is particularly difficult.


SPRILIB Russian North is one of a set of a three databases each being a subset of SPRILIB to be made available on the Internet. The other databases are SPRILIB Antarctica and SPRILIB Ice and Snow.

If you have any queries or comments, please contact the Librarian.

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