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SPRILIB Russian North

SPRILIB Russian North

SPRI Library holds an exceptionally extensive collection of publications concerning northern Russia and Siberia. There are currently around 25,000 records, listing works published from 1671 through to 2003. The database will be periodically updated to include publications added recently to our collection. Publications too recent for SPRILIB Russian North are listed in Polar and Glaciological Abstracts published by the Scott Polar Research Institute.

Transliteration table

SPRI uses the BGN/PCGN 1947 transliteration system.

А (а)A(a)
Б (б)B(b)
В (в)V(v)
Г (г)G(g)
Е(е)E(e), or Ye(ye) at start of word or when followed by another vowel e.g. oe=oye
Ж (ж)Zh(zh)
З (з)Z(z)
И (и)I(i)
Й (й)Y(y)
К (к)K(k)
Л (л)L(l)
М (м)M(m)
Н (н)N(n)
П (п)P(p)
Р (р)R(r)
С (с)S(s)
Т (т)T(t)
У (у)U(u)
Ф (ф)F(f)
Х (х)Kh(kh)
Ц (ц)Ts(ts)
Ч (ч)Ch(ch)
Ш (ш)Sh(sh)
Щ (щ)Shch(shch)
Ъ (ъ)''
Ы (ы)Y(y)
Ь (ь)'
Э (э)E(e)
Ю (ю)Yu(yu)
Я (я)Ya(ya)

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