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Record #80749:

Antarctic challenge II / Rüdiger Wolfrum, ed.

Title: Antarctic challenge II / Rüdiger Wolfrum, ed.
Author(s): Wolfrum, Rüdiger,
Tessensohn, Franz.
Halbach, Peter.
Behrendt, John C.
Kock, Karl-Hermann.
Boczek, Boleslaw Adam.
Wong, Frank.
Watts, Arthur D.
Jaenicke, Günther.
Wolfrum, Rüdiger.
Nicholson, Ian E.
Hempel, Gotthilf.
Birnie, Patricia.
Suy, Erik.
Scully, R. Tucker.
Rajan, H. P.
Haron, Mohamed.
Schwerdtfeger, Peter.
Miller, Heinz.
Barnes, James N.
Date: 1986.
Publisher: Berlin: Duncker and Humblot
Abstract: Proceedings of an interdisciplinary symposium, held at the Alfred-Wegener- Institut, Bremerhaven on 17-21 September, 1985.
Keywords: 341.24 -- Treaties, international.
J -- Social sciences.
(*7) -- Antarctic regions.
Location(s): SCO: SPRI-SHF: (*7) : 341.24
SPRI record no.: 80749


LDR 02559nam#a2200000#a#4500
001 SPRI-80749
005 20230329174411.0
007 ta
008 230329s1986####gw#####|#z###|0||#0#eng#d
035 ## ‡aSPRI-80749
040 ## ‡aUkCU-P‡beng‡eaacr
245 00 ‡aAntarctic challenge II /‡cRüdiger Wolfrum, ed.
260 ## ‡aBerlin :‡bDuncker and Humblot,‡c1986.
300 ## ‡a465 p. ;‡c23.5 cm.
520 3# ‡aProceedings of an interdisciplinary symposium, held at the Alfred-Wegener- Institut, Bremerhaven on 17-21 September, 1985.
650 07 ‡a341.24 -- Treaties, international.‡2udc
650 07 ‡aJ -- Social sciences.‡2local
651 #7 ‡a(*7) -- Antarctic regions.‡2udc
700 1# ‡aWolfrum, Rüdiger,‡eeditor.
700 12 ‡aTessensohn, Franz.‡tAntarctic mineral resources: tell us where the riches are.
700 12 ‡aHalbach, Peter.‡tDependence of deep ocean floor activities on a viable legal regime.
700 12 ‡aBehrendt, John C.‡tEnvironmental effects of development of Antarctic petroleum and minerals resources.
700 12 ‡aKock, Karl-Hermann.‡tPresent knowledge of Antarctic marine living resources and means of ensuring the compliance with protection measures.
700 12 ‡aBoczek, Boleslaw Adam.‡tSpecially Protected Areas as an instrument for the conservation of the Antarctic nature.
700 12 ‡aWong, Frank.‡tRestrictions to freedom of scientific research through environmental protection.
700 12 ‡aWatts, Arthur D.‡tLiability for activities in Antarctica- who pays the bill for whom?.
700 12 ‡aJaenicke, Günther.‡tDispute settlement under the Law of the Sea Convention.
700 12 ‡aWolfrum, Rüdiger.‡tMeans of ensuring compliance with an Antarctic minerals resources regime.
700 12 ‡aNicholson, Ian E.‡tAntarctic tourism - the need for a legal regime?.
700 12 ‡aHempel, Gotthilf.‡tProgress in Antarctic research in the Federal Republic of Germany.
700 12 ‡aBirnie, Patricia.‡tThe Antarctic regime and third states.
700 12 ‡aSuy, Erik.‡tThe status of observers in international law.
700 12 ‡aScully, R. Tucker.‡tInstitutionalisation of the Antarctic Treaty regime.
700 12 ‡aRajan, H. P.‡tIndia's approach to the Antarctic Treaty System as a new consultative party.
700 12 ‡aHaron, Mohamed.‡tAntarctica and the United Nations- the next step?.
700 12 ‡aSchwerdtfeger, Peter.‡tAntarctic icebergs as potential sources of water and energy.
700 12 ‡aMiller, Heinz.‡tGeophysical and glaciological investigations in the Filchner Ice Shelf area, Antarctica.
700 12 ‡aBarnes, James N.‡tThe future of Antarctica, environmental issues and the role of NGO.
852 7# ‡2camdept‡bSCO‡cSPRI-SHF‡h(*7) : 341.24‡9Create 1 item record‡0Migrate
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