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Record #76411:

Circumpolar health 84: proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on Circumpolar Health / Robert Fortuine, ed.

Title: Circumpolar health 84: proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on Circumpolar Health / Robert Fortuine, ed.
Author(s): Fortuine, Robert,
Pétursdóttir, Gudrun.
Axelsson, Jóhann.
Leppäluoto, Juhani.
Alm, Nils O.
Thorn, Jens Jørgen.
Bjerregaard, Peter.
Robert-Lamblin, Joëlle.
Hansen, Peder Kern.
Puolakka, Jukka.
Nielsen, Nils Højgaard.
Stenbäck, Frej.
Hansen, Jens C.
Skinhøj, Peter.
Hubert, Annie.
Seitamo, Leila.
Way, Anthony B.
Näyhä, Simo.
Jeppesen, Bjarne Bo.
Schaefer, Otto.
Albrecht, C. Earl.
Lloyd, E. LL.
Backman, Christer.
Kappes, Bruno M.
Linderholm, Håkan.
Lapinleimu, Kaisa.
Berry, J. W.
Forsius, Harriet.
Mayhall, John T.
Rode, Andris.
Shepard, Roy J.
Rode, Andris.
Dumont, Charles.
Stich, Hans F.
Anderson, James H.
Bender, Thomas R.
Cordes, Penelope M.
Postl, B. D.
Postl, B. D.
Foggin, Peter M.
Wotton, Kathryn A.
Robinson, Elizabeth.
Moffatt, Michael E. K.
Moffatt, Michael E. K.
Fortuine, Robert.
Fortuine, Robert.
Larke, R. P. B.
Renaud, Lise.
Carson, James B.
Ireland, Belinda.
Orr, Pamela H.
Edwards, Alison C.
Fitzgerald, G. William N.
Mayhall, John T.
Messer, James G.
Lonner, Thomas D.
O'Neil, John D.
Way, Gloria Houston.
Dilley, Marti.
Sarsfield, Peter A.
Sarsfield, Peter A.
Nikitin, Yuri P.
Hurst, Graham L.
Bridgman, S. A.
Lugg, Desmond J.
Date: 1985.
Publisher: Seattle: University of Washington Press
Abstract: 106 papers.
Keywords: 061.3 -- Conferences: 1984 International Symposium on Circumpolar Health, 6th.
613/614 -- Health and preventive medicine.
I -- Medicine and health.
(*3) -- Arctic regions.
Location(s): SCO: SPRI-SHF: 61
ISBN: 029596202X
SPRI record no.: 76411


LDR 07430nam#a2200000#a#4500
001 SPRI-76411
005 20231204065641.0
007 ta
008 231204s1985####wauab##|#####|1||#0#eng#d
020 ## ‡a029596202X
035 ## ‡aSPRI-76411
040 ## ‡aUkCU-P‡beng‡eaacr
245 00 ‡aCircumpolar health 84 :‡bproceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on Circumpolar Health /‡cRobert Fortuine, ed.
260 ## ‡aSeattle :‡bUniversity of Washington Press,‡c1985.
300 ## ‡a484 p. :‡bdiags., tables, maps ;‡c26 cm.
520 3# ‡a106 papers.
650 07 ‡a061.3 -- Conferences: 1984 International Symposium on Circumpolar Health, 6th.‡2udc
650 07 ‡a613/614 -- Health and preventive medicine.‡2udc
650 07 ‡aI -- Medicine and health.‡2local
651 #7 ‡a(*3) -- Arctic regions.‡2udc
700 1# ‡aFortuine, Robert,‡eeditor.
700 12 ‡aPétursdóttir, Gudrun.‡tWhen being small is your strength: a survey of Iceland as a forum for population studies.
700 12 ‡aAxelsson, Jóhann.‡tRural-urban differences in lung size and function in Iceland.
700 12 ‡aLeppäluoto, Juhani.‡tSeasonal variations of blood pressure, basal metabolism, and skin temperature in outdoor workers in northern Finland.
700 12 ‡aAlm, Nils O.‡tWork stress of Norwegian coal miners in Spitsbergen.
700 12 ‡aThorn, Jens Jørgen.‡tIncidence and etiology of jaw fractures in Greenland.
700 12 ‡aBjerregaard, Peter.‡tRegional variation in mortality from infectious disease in Greenland.
700 12 ‡aRobert-Lamblin, Joëlle.‡tCauses of death, age of death, and changes in mortality in the twentieth century in Ammassalik (East Greenland)
700 12 ‡aHansen, Peder Kern.‡tTrends in Greenlandic Inuit teenager pregnancy rates.
700 12 ‡aPuolakka, Jukka.‡tChanging pattern of childbirth in northern Finland over the past three decades.
700 12 ‡aNielsen, Nils Højgaard.‡tCurrent trends in cancer incidence in Greenland.
700 12 ‡aStenbäck, Frej.‡tCancer incidence in northern Finland; a registry and autopsy study.
700 12 ‡aHansen, Jens C.‡tDietary selenium intake in Greenland related to mercury exposure.
700 12 ‡aSkinhøj, Peter.‡tPersistent virus infections in the Arctic.
700 12 ‡aHubert, Annie.‡tEnvironmental factors, dietary behaviors, and nasopharyngeal carcinoma: anthropological approach.
700 12 ‡aSeitamo, Leila.‡tPsychological and cultural perspectives on Arctic hysteria among the Skolt Lapps.
700 12 ‡aWay, Anthony B.‡tComparisons of total serum cholesterol and triglycerides between town and farm dwelling Icelandic youths.
700 12 ‡aNäyhä, Simo.‡tSeasonal variation in suicide and mental depression in Finland.
700 12 ‡aJeppesen, Bjarne Bo.‡tLow incidence of urinary calculi in Greenland Eskimos as explained by a low calcium/magnesium ratio.
700 12 ‡aSchaefer, Otto.‡tMedical research in remote northern areas and isolated populations: needs, benefits and limitations.
700 12 ‡aAlbrecht, C. Earl.‡tCircumpolar health : present and future.
700 12 ‡aLloyd, E. LL.‡tEnvironmental cold may be a major factor in some respiratory disorders.
700 12 ‡aBackman, Christer.‡tEffect of cold exposure on exercise tolerance and exercise EKG in patients with angina of effort.
700 12 ‡aKappes, Bruno M.‡tThermal biofeedback training with frostbite patients.
700 12 ‡aLinderholm, Håkan.‡tIncreased tendency to cold-induced vasospasm in the fingers (Raynaud's phenomenon) in copper smelter workers exposed to arsenic.
700 12 ‡aLapinleimu, Kaisa.‡tVirus isolations from sewage in Finland.
700 12 ‡aBerry, J. W.‡tAcculturation and mental health among circumpolar peoples.
700 12 ‡aForsius, Harriet.‡tSocial environment, personality structure and school avoidance: a study in a north Finnish rural district.
700 12 ‡aMayhall, John T.‡tThe oral health of the first residents: who's in charge?.
700 12 ‡aRode, Andris.‡t"Future shock" and the fitness of the Inuit.
700 12 ‡aShepard, Roy J.‡tAcculturation and the biology of aging.
700 12 ‡aRode, Andris.‡tLung function in a cold environment: a current perspective.
700 12 ‡aDumont, Charles.‡tMercury surveillance in several Cree Indian communities of the James Bay Region, Quebec.
700 12 ‡aStich, Hans F.‡tEndogenous and exogenous sources of nitrate/nitrite and nitrosamines in Canadian Inuit with a traditional or western lifestyle.
700 12 ‡aAnderson, James H.‡tAllergenic airborne pollen and spore research in Alaska and adjacent Canada.
700 12 ‡aBender, Thomas R.‡tStudy of a cohort of Yukon-Kuskokwim delta Eskimo children: an overview of accomplishments and plans for the future.
700 12 ‡aCordes, Penelope M.‡tVillage health care: a summary of patient encounters from Alaskan village clinics.
700 12 ‡aPostl, B. D.‡tNorthwest Territories perinatal and infant morbidity and mortality study: follow-up 1982. 1. Utilization, morbidity and mortality.
700 12 ‡aPostl, B. D.‡tNorthwest Territories perinatal and infant morbidity and mortality study: follow-up 1982. 2. Physical examination.
700 12 ‡aFoggin, Peter M.‡tVariation and convergence between self-perceived and clinically measured health status variables of the Inuit of northern Quebec.
700 12 ‡aWotton, Kathryn A.‡tMortality of Labrador Innu and Inuit, 1971-1982.
700 12 ‡aRobinson, Elizabeth.‡tMortality among the James Bay Cree, Quebec, 1975-1982.
700 12 ‡aMoffatt, Michael E. K.‡tLength, weight and head circumference in Quebec Cree children.
700 12 ‡aMoffatt, Michael E. K.‡tDevelopmental milestones in James Bay Cree Indian children.
700 12 ‡aFortuine, Robert.‡tCommunicable disease control in the early history of Alaska. 1. Smallpox.
700 12 ‡aFortuine, Robert.‡tCommunicable disease control in the early history of Alaska. 2. Syphilis.
700 12 ‡aLarke, R. P. B.‡tHepatitis B in the Baffin region of northern Canada.
700 12 ‡aRenaud, Lise.‡tTuberculosis in the James Bay Cree Indian population 1980-1983.
700 12 ‡aCarson, James B.‡tLower respiratory tract infections among Canadian Inuit children.
700 12 ‡aIreland, Belinda.‡tPertussis: a study of incidence and mortality in a Yukon-Kuskowim Delta epidemic.
700 12 ‡aOrr, Pamela H.‡tFollow-up of tympanoplasties in three N.W.T. communities 1975-1980.
700 12 ‡aEdwards, Alison C.‡tChronic disease survey of a Labrador community.
700 12 ‡aFitzgerald, G. William N.‡tThe seasonal occurrence of peptic ulcer disease among the Inuit of northern Labrador.
700 12 ‡aMayhall, John T.‡tThe oral health of the natives of Canada: a survey.
700 12 ‡aMesser, James G.‡tDental caries prevalence in school children from two ethnic groups in Labrador: 1969 and 1984 surveys.
700 12 ‡aLonner, Thomas D.‡tVillage alcohol control: traditional methods and the "local option law".
700 12 ‡aO'Neil, John D.‡tCommunity control over health problems: alcohol prohibition in a Canadian Inuit village.
700 12 ‡aWay, Gloria Houston.‡tAlaska's approach to planning an emergency medical services system: how is it working three years later?.
700 12 ‡aDilley, Marti.‡tAlaska's improved pregnancy outcome project: an evaluation.
700 12 ‡aSarsfield, Peter A.‡tTravelling physicians in northern Canada.
700 12 ‡aSarsfield, Peter A.‡tTwo remote Canadian medical practices.
700 12 ‡aNikitin, Yuri P.‡tSome health problems of man in the Soviet far north.
700 12 ‡aHurst, Graham L.‡tPhysical fitness and training programs on an Antarctic base.
700 12 ‡aBridgman, S. A.‡tAcclimatization to cold in Antarctic scuba divers.
700 12 ‡aLugg, Desmond J.‡tMedical recruitment for the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions.
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