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Record #149110:

Ice in surface waters. Proceedings of 14th International Symposium on Ice, Potsdam, NY, USA, 27-31 July 1998 / Hung Tao Shen, ed.

Title: Ice in surface waters. Proceedings of 14th International Symposium on Ice, Potsdam, NY, USA, 27-31 July 1998 / Hung Tao Shen, ed.
Author(s): Shen, Hung Tao,
Langhorne, Patricia J.
Langhorne, Patricia J.
Smith, I. J.
Lever, J. H.
Gemperline, E. J.
Ruggles, R. W.
Lunsford, A. C.
Connelly, B. A.
Beltaos, S.
Conly, F. M.
Anisimova, E. P.
Cornett, A. M.
Tuthill, Andrew.
Andreasson, Patrik.
Yamazaki, M.
Lia, L.
Hicks, F. E.
Daly, Steven F.
Lu, Shunan.
Li, Zhenxi.
Dolgopolova, E. N.
Chen, Chujun.
Ke, Sujuan.
Huo, Shiqing.
Assel, R. A.
Tesaker, Einar.
Shen, Xianchen.
Brown, R. S.
Elberling, B.
Milburn, D.
Gibson, J. J.
Ferrick, M. G.
Gudmestad, O. T.
Lensu, Mikko.
Tangborn, W.
Andres, David D.
Tangborn, Andrew.
DeFranco, S. J.
Dmitrenko, I.
Blanchet, Denis.
Zhang, Qing.
Wu, Huiding.
Bai, Shan.
Xu, J. Z.
Zhang, Zedong.
Liu, Qinzheng.
Li, Hai.
Wang, Zhilian.
Dias, F.
Evers, K. -U.
Løset, S.
Beloshapkov, A.
Beketsky, S. P.
Beketsky, S. P.
Eicken, H.
Tyshko, K. P.
Lensu, Mikko.
Lindemann, F.
Darovskikh, Andrei.
Tuhkuri, J.
Strakhov, M. V.
Timco, G. W.
Izumiyama, K.
Sazonov, K. E.
Sodhi, D. S.
Comfort, G.
Singh, Sanjay.
Azarnejad, A.
Chen, Shihui.
Bekker, Alexander T.
Sand, B.
Selvadurai, A. P. S.
Chen, Zuping.
Alexeev, Y. N.
Wang, Keguang.
Alexeev, Y. N.
Qi, S.
Gold, Lorne W.
Weiss, J.
Li, Zhijun.
Iliescu, D.
Gratz, E. T.
Vincent, M. R.
Kärnä, T.
Bekker, A. T.
Azarnejad, A.
Haehnel, R. B.
Dempsey, J. P.
Churcher, Archie C.
Hopkins, M. A.
Beltaos, S.
Goldstein, R. V.
Lever, J. H.
Zabilansky, L. J.
Dong, Z. Y.
Asvall, R. P.
Abdelnour, Razek.
Sekiguchi, Koji.
Kawai, Takaharu.
Terada, Koichiro.
Kerr, D. J.
Cai, Lin.
Ettema, R.
Streitz, J. T.
Zufelt, J. E.
Liu, Lianwu.
Xiao, Difang.
Liu, Lianxi.
Jasek, Martin J.
Klein, M. R.
Liu, Zhiqiang.
Nislow, K. H.
Beltaos, S.
White, K. D.
Kerman, Bryan.
Pritchard, Robert S.
Squire, Vernon A.
Dixon, Tony W.
Fox, C.
Gribble, M. A.
Chen, X.
Yang, X.
Surkov, G. A.
Kawai, Takaharu.
Leonard, Gregory H.
Gow, Anthony J.
Ivchenko, A. B.
Nevel, Donald E.
Izumiyama, K.
Määttänen, M. P.
Schwarz, J.
Yue, Qianjin.
Fuglem, Mark.
Melton, J. S.
Weiss, J.
Ko, Sang-Ryong.
Melanson, P. M.
Ohshima, Kaori.
Cole, D. M.
Bruneau, S. E.
Bazant, Zdenek P.
Jordaan, Ian J.
Hibler, William D.,
Pritchard, Robert S.
Coon, M. D.
Date: 1998.
Publisher: Rotterdam: A.A. Balkema
Abstract: Both volumes contain papers under headings: river ice engineering and management; river and lake ice processes; river ecology and environment; sea ice processes and management; ice tank studies of sea ice processes; ice forces on structures; ice mechanics; scale effects on constitutive and mechanical behavior of ice.
Keywords: 551.32 -- Glaciology.
551.326 -- Floating ice.
551.326.7 -- Sea ice.
551.326.83 -- River ice.
551.321.8 -- Glaciological model experiments.
624.145.8 -- Rivers, ice jams and their control.
519.673 -- Modelling.
061.3 -- Conferences: 1998 IAHR International Symposium on Ice, 14th.
E12 -- Glaciology: frozen ground / snow and ice engineering.
Location(s): SCO: SPRI-SHF: 624.14
ISBN: 9054109718
SPRI record no.: 149110


LDR 14237nam#a2200000#a#4500
001 SPRI-149110
005 20240414122551.0
007 ta
008 240414s1998####ne#a###|#####|1||#0#eng#d
020 ## ‡a9054109718
035 ## ‡aSPRI-149110
040 ## ‡aUkCU-P‡beng‡eaacr
245 00 ‡aIce in surface waters. Proceedings of 14th International Symposium on Ice, Potsdam, NY, USA, 27-31 July 1998 /‡cHung Tao Shen, ed.
260 ## ‡aRotterdam :‡bA.A. Balkema,‡c1998.
300 ## ‡a2 vols. (xv, 1099 p.) :‡bill., diags., tables ;‡c25.5 cm.
520 3# ‡aBoth volumes contain papers under headings: river ice engineering and management; river and lake ice processes; river ecology and environment; sea ice processes and management; ice tank studies of sea ice processes; ice forces on structures; ice mechanics; scale effects on constitutive and mechanical behavior of ice.
650 07 ‡a551.32 -- Glaciology.‡2udc
650 07 ‡a551.326 -- Floating ice.‡2udc
650 07 ‡a551.326.7 -- Sea ice.‡2udc
650 07 ‡a551.326.83 -- River ice.‡2udc
650 07 ‡a551.321.8 -- Glaciological model experiments.‡2udc
650 07 ‡a624.145.8 -- Rivers, ice jams and their control.‡2udc
650 07 ‡a519.673 -- Modelling.‡2udc
650 07 ‡a061.3 -- Conferences: 1998 IAHR International Symposium on Ice, 14th.‡2udc
650 07 ‡aE12 -- Glaciology: frozen ground / snow and ice engineering.‡2local
700 1# ‡aShen, Hung Tao,‡eeditor.
700 12 ‡aLanghorne, Patricia J.‡tRole of fatigue in wave-induced break-up of sea ice: a review.
700 12 ‡aLanghorne, Patricia J.‡tSea ice fatigue.
700 12 ‡aSmith, I. J.‡tPlatelet ice - the McMurdo Sound debate.
700 12 ‡aLever, J. H.‡tA seasonally installed weir to control freezeup ice jams.
700 12 ‡aGemperline, E. J.‡tFailure and replacement of the Safe Harbor skimmer wall.
700 12 ‡aRuggles, R. W.‡tUsing a geographical information system for river ice cover management.
700 12 ‡aLunsford, A. C.‡tUse of SAR data at the Alaska River Forecast Center.
700 12 ‡aConnelly, B. A.‡tA river ice monitoring network in the north central United States.
700 12 ‡aBeltaos, S.‡tRemote measurements of temperature and surge levels in ice-laden rivers.
700 12 ‡aConly, F. M.‡tTemporal changes to the ice regime of a regulated cold-regions river.
700 12 ‡aAnisimova, E. P.‡tFlow in ice-covered low flowage water body.
700 12 ‡aCornett, A. M.‡tReview of ice boom loads in the St. Lawrence River, 1994-1997.
700 12 ‡aTuthill, Andrew.‡tA physical model study of ice retention booms.
700 12 ‡aAndreasson, Patrik.‡tThe influence of surface turbulence on the formation of ice pans.
700 12 ‡aYamazaki, M.‡tAnchor ice formation and discharge change on a cold region river.
700 12 ‡aLia, L.‡tSnow and ice blocking of tunnels.
700 12 ‡aHicks, F. E.‡tModelling ice jam evolution processes.
700 12 ‡aDaly, Steven F.‡tSimulation of river ice jam formation.
700 12 ‡aLu, Shunan.‡tConstitutive laws for river ice dynamics.
700 12 ‡aLi, Zhenxi.‡tAn ice condition forecast model and its verification on the Lower Yellow River.
700 12 ‡aDolgopolova, E. N.‡tVelocity distribution in ice-covered flow.
700 12 ‡aChen, Chujun.‡tA summary for the river ice jam in China.
700 12 ‡aKe, Sujuan.‡tStudy on the mechanism of the formation of ice jams at Bayangaole.
700 12 ‡aHuo, Shiqing.‡tAn analysis on ice condition of the lower Yellow River in years 1986-1996.
700 12 ‡aAssel, R. A.‡tIce-on, ice-off, and ice duration for lakes and rivers with long-term records.
700 12 ‡aTesaker, Einar.‡tMitigation of ice effects of the habitat in regulated and natural rivers.
700 12 ‡aShen, Xianchen.‡tImpacts of ice cover on water quality and fish life in the Songhuajiang Basin.
700 12 ‡aBrown, R. S.‡tEffects of hanging dams, surface ice break-up, and flooding on fish.
700 12 ‡aElberling, B.‡tProcesses controlling oxygen uptake rates in frozen mine tailings in the Arctic.
700 12 ‡aMilburn, D.‡tObservations on the role of an ice cover in sediment deposition in a northern delta.
700 12 ‡aGibson, J. J.‡tIsotopic characteristics of ice cover in a large northern river basin.
700 12 ‡aFerrick, M. G.‡tStable environmental isotopes in lake and river ice cores.
700 12 ‡aGudmestad, O. T.‡tArctic technology research and development needs.
700 12 ‡aLensu, Mikko.‡tComparison of ice thickness from ship based video with field data.
700 12 ‡aTangborn, W.‡tIceberg prediction model to reduce navigation hazards: Columbia Glacier, Alaska.
700 12 ‡aAndres, David D.‡tEffects of climate change on the freeze-up regime of the Peace River.
700 12 ‡aTangborn, Andrew.‡tCalculation of the size of the iceberg struck by the oil tanker Overseas Ohio.
700 12 ‡aDeFranco, S. J.‡tKara Sea ice motions.
700 12 ‡aDmitrenko, I.‡tInfluence of the summer river runoff on ice formation in the Kara and Laptev Seas.
700 12 ‡aBlanchet, Denis.‡t1995 ice conditions in the Ob Bay in western Siberia.
700 12 ‡aZhang, Qing.‡tSoftware of a sea ice management system for winter oil/gas production in north Bohai sea.
700 12 ‡aWu, Huiding.‡tNumerical sea ice forecast system for the Bohai Sea in China.
700 12 ‡aBai, Shan.‡tSea ice conditions, disasters and forecast in China.
700 12 ‡aXu, J. Z.‡tA critical sea ice state warning system for winter offshore oil production in north Bohai Sea.
700 12 ‡aZhang, Zedong.‡tCoupling sea ice model with atmospheric models.
700 12 ‡aLiu, Qinzheng.‡tStability of thermodynamic sea ice model on the thermodynamic forcing.
700 12 ‡aLi, Hai.‡tCoupling the Bohai ice model with Blumberg-Mellor model.
700 12 ‡aWang, Zhilian.‡tA Lagrangian sea ice model with discrete parcel method.
700 12 ‡aDias, F.‡tOn the theory of resonance generation of flexural-gravity waves by moving pressure field.
700 12 ‡aEvers, K. -U.‡tDetermination of the topography of pressure ice ridges in the Laptev Sea.
700 12 ‡aLøset, S.‡tGeometry and physical properties of a stamucha found on Spitsbergen.
700 12 ‡aBeloshapkov, A.‡tMathematical modeling of ice bottom scouring in Baydaratskaya Bay.
700 12 ‡aBeketsky, S. P.‡tMethod of hummock age determination.
700 12 ‡aBeketsky, S. P.‡tThickness distribution of consolidation hummock layer offshore Sakhalin.
700 12 ‡aEicken, H.‡tIce-tank studies of physical and biological sea-ice processes.
700 12 ‡aTyshko, K. P.‡tSupercooling of large water volumes: laboratory experiments and hypotheses.
700 12 ‡aLensu, Mikko.‡tRafting of small floes.
700 12 ‡aLindemann, F.‡tSediment entrainment into sea ice in Arctic leads: an experimental approach.
700 12 ‡aDarovskikh, Andrei.‡tGrowth velocity of freshwater ice and air bubble sizes linked to microwave radiometer measurements.
700 12 ‡aTuhkuri, J.‡tLaboratory and field studies on ridging of an ice sheet.
700 12 ‡aStrakhov, M. V.‡tLaboratory investigations of snow, shuga and ice regulation in ridges.
700 12 ‡aTimco, G. W.‡tLaboratory tests of oil fate in cold water, ice, and waves.
700 12 ‡aIzumiyama, K.‡tEffects of interfacial tension on the spreading of oil under an ice cover.
700 12 ‡aSazonov, K. E.‡tSome results of studies on oil spillage behavior in ice.
700 12 ‡aSodhi, D. S.‡tA model for ice thrust on dam walls.
700 12 ‡aComfort, G.‡tStatic ice loads on dams: loads along a dam face, and on wooden and steel stoplogs.
700 12 ‡aSingh, Sanjay.‡tExpected thermal ice loads in reservoirs.
700 12 ‡aAzarnejad, A.‡tA study of thermal ice loads.
700 12 ‡aChen, Shihui.‡tThe shattering process of sea ice sheet against a pillar with cone.
700 12 ‡aBekker, Alexander T.‡tDistribution of extreme ice loads on ice-resistant platforms.
700 12 ‡aSand, B.‡tFinite element analysis of breaking ice forces on conical structures.
700 12 ‡aSelvadurai, A. P. S.‡tFragmentation modes for impacting ice floes.
700 12 ‡aChen, Zuping.‡tNon-linear numerical simulation of shattered process of sea ice.
700 12 ‡aAlexeev, Y. N.‡tA method for predicting ice loads on structures based on model test data.
700 12 ‡aWang, Keguang.‡tModeling sea ice ride-up and pile-up against conical caisson in Bohai Bay.
700 12 ‡aAlexeev, Y. N.‡tA numerical prediction method for ice loads on wide sloping offshore structures.
700 12 ‡aQi, S.‡tThe effect of temperature on the ductile-to-brittle transition in columnar ice.
700 12 ‡aGold, Lorne W.‡tA statistical basis for the strength of columnar-grain ice.
700 12 ‡aWeiss, J.‡tGrain boundary sliding and crack nucleation in ice.
700 12 ‡aLi, Zhijun.‡tUniaxial compressive strength of fine grain ethanol model ice.
700 12 ‡aIliescu, D.‡tMacroscopic compressive shear faults in S2 columnar ice.
700 12 ‡aGratz, E. T.‡tComparison of brittle compressive failure of fresh- and salt-water columnar ice.
700 12 ‡aVincent, M. R.‡tFracture energy of saline ice.
700 12 ‡aKärnä, T.‡tA layered flaking model of ice-structure interaction.
700 12 ‡aBekker, A. T.‡tAnalysis of ice compressive tests of the Okhotsk sea ice samples.
700 12 ‡aAzarnejad, A.‡tObservations of ice rubble behaviour in punch tests.
700 12 ‡aHaehnel, R. B.‡tThe bond strength of an ice-solid interface loaded in shear.
700 12 ‡aDempsey, J. P.‡tLinking scales on the fracture of sea ice.
700 12 ‡aChurcher, Archie C.‡tUsing small scale tests to predict full scale ice loads.
700 12 ‡aHopkins, M. A.‡tSimulation of ridging and rafting in first-year ice.
700 12 ‡aBeltaos, S.‡tScale effects on river ice fracture and breakup.
700 12 ‡aGoldstein, R. V.‡tOn large scale modeling of sea ice cover taking into account accumulation of cracks and cracklike faults.
700 12 ‡aLever, J. H.‡tModel and field performance of a sloped block ice control structure.
700 12 ‡aZabilansky, L. J.‡tVertical ice forces and aspect ratio of pile diameter vs. ice thickness.
700 12 ‡aDong, Z. Y.‡tApplication of impinging jets to ice control.
700 12 ‡aAsvall, R. P.‡tFrazil formation causing flooding.
700 12 ‡aAbdelnour, Razek.‡tThe design, fabrication and deployment of an ice boom to protect two hydroelectric power plant water intakes from ice blockages during winter.
700 12 ‡aSekiguchi, Koji.‡tStudy on the ice forces acting on ice booms at the mouth of Lake Saroma.
700 12 ‡aKawai, Takaharu.‡tMovement of ice floes at the edge of ice sheets in Saroma Lagoon.
700 12 ‡aTerada, Koichiro.‡tField measurement of anchor and frazil ice.
700 12 ‡aKerr, D. J.‡tEvolution and hydraulic resistance of anchor ice on gravel beds.
700 12 ‡aCai, Lin.‡tMethod for calculating flow resistance and discharge capacity under ice cover.
700 12 ‡aEttema, R.‡tA method for estimating sediment-transport rates in ice-covered channels.
700 12 ‡aStreitz, J. T.‡tInfluences of slope and wind on initial spreading of aufeis on planar surfaces.
700 12 ‡aZufelt, J. E.‡tMeasuring the frictional properties of particulate model ice.
700 12 ‡aLiu, Lianwu.‡tA numerical model for river ice jam evolution.
700 12 ‡aXiao, Difang.‡tStudy on genesis and forecast method of ice-jam flood for the upstream of Nenjiang River.
700 12 ‡aLiu, Lianxi.‡tResearch on ice formation during winter operation for a pumped storage station.
700 12 ‡aJasek, Martin J.‡t1998 break-up and flood on the Yukon River at Dawson - did El Niño and climate change play a role?.
700 12 ‡aKlein, M. R.‡tEnvironmental data from trading post journals.
700 12 ‡aLiu, Zhiqiang.‡tAnalysis of climate effect on the moraine dammed lake outburst of Tibet.
700 12 ‡aNislow, K. H.‡tAssessing the ecological impact of an ice control structure.
700 12 ‡aBeltaos, S.‡tTransport of metals on sediment during the spring breakup of river ice.
700 12 ‡aWhite, K. D.‡t1-D streamwise finite element model of dissolved oxygen under river ice.
700 12 ‡aKerman, Bryan.‡tOn the relationship of ice pack thickness to the length of connectivity trees in SAR imagery.
700 12 ‡aPritchard, Robert S.‡tIntegrating an anisotropic plasticity law for sea ice.
700 12 ‡aSquire, Vernon A.‡tIce-coupled waves in weakly random, inhomogeneous sea ice.
700 12 ‡aDixon, Tony W.‡tA first look at energy transport through a random marginal ice zone.
700 12 ‡aFox, C.‡tMeasurement of directional wave spectra in fast ice.
700 12 ‡aGribble, M. A.‡tThe influence of microstructure on the fatigue response of saline ice.
700 12 ‡aChen, X.‡tFatigue analysis of ice-induced vibration isolated platform.
700 12 ‡aYang, X.‡tFatigue crack growth analysis of tubular joints under ice loading for a Bohai jacket platform.
700 12 ‡aSurkov, G. A.‡tStructure of hummocks in the Sea of Okhotsk.
700 12 ‡aKawai, Takaharu.‡tExperiments on the fluid resistance of rubble field of ice.
700 12 ‡aLeonard, Gregory H.‡tDynamic growth of a pancake ice cover.
700 12 ‡aGow, Anthony J.‡tTest tank studies of freshwater and saline ice sheets.
700 12 ‡aIvchenko, A. B.‡tIce forces on isolated structures under temperature changes.
700 12 ‡aNevel, Donald E.‡tSensitivity of design forces to ice input data in reliability design.
700 12 ‡aIzumiyama, K.‡tIce force distribution on a flat indentor.
700 12 ‡aMäättänen, M. P.‡tNumerical model for ice-induced vibration load lock-in and synchronization.
700 12 ‡aSchwarz, J.‡tValidation of low level ice forces on coastal structures (LOLEIF)
700 12 ‡aYue, Qianjin.‡tFull scale tests and analysis of dynamic interaction between ice sheet and conical structures.
700 12 ‡aFuglem, Mark.‡tEstimation of maximum bow force for arctic vessels.
700 12 ‡aMelton, J. S.‡tOn the deformation microstructure of columnar (S2) saline ice.
700 12 ‡aWeiss, J.‡tThe coupling between viscoplastic deformation and damage in ice.
700 12 ‡aKo, Sang-Ryong.‡tCracking during the indentation failure of S2 columnar ice.
700 12 ‡aMelanson, P. M.‡tModelling of damage in ice.
700 12 ‡aOhshima, Kaori.‡tExperimental study on the bearing capacity of ice sheet under flooding conditions.
700 12 ‡aCole, D. M.‡tStrain history effects on the anelastic and viscous straining of saline ice.
700 12 ‡aBruneau, S. E.‡tDevelopment of techniques for measuring in situ ice rubble shear strength.
700 12 ‡aBazant, Zdenek P.‡tSize effect in penetration fracture of sea ice plate: review of theory and experimental evidence.
700 12 ‡aJordaan, Ian J.‡tCompresssive ice failure.
700 12 ‡aHibler, William D.,‡cIII.‡tFracture propagation characteristics of an anisotropic model of flawed sea ice.
700 12 ‡aPritchard, Robert S.‡tScale effects and sea ice dynamics models.
700 12 ‡aCoon, M. D.‡tStress validation of a failure (yield) surface for pack ice.
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