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Record #125102:

IAHR 92; 11th International Symposium on Ice, Banff, Alberta, Canada, June 15-19, 1992. Proceedings / International Association for Hydraulic Research.

Title: IAHR 92; 11th International Symposium on Ice, Banff, Alberta, Canada, June 15-19, 1992. Proceedings / International Association for Hydraulic Research.
Author(s): Beltaos, Spyros.
Matoušek, Václav.
Wadhams, Peter.
Wortley, C. Allen.
Pohé, Jörg.
Timco, G. W.
Daly, Steven F.
Kato, Kazuyuki.
Abdel-Zaher, A. K.
Carstens, Torkild.
Nixon, Wilfrid A.
Lu, Mingchi.
Kitagawa, Hiromitsu.
McKenna, Richard F.
Yamaguchi, Hajime.
Wilkman, Göran.
Izumiyama, Koh.
Gold, Lorne W.
Marcellus, Robert W.
Kishi, Susumu.
Takeuchi, Takahiro.
Comfort, George.
Spencer, Paul A.
Abdelnour, Razek.
Tronin, V. A.
Liukkonen, Seppo.
Sun, Zongfu.
Gerard, Robert.
Majewski, Wojciech.
Majewski, Wojciech.
Yamashita, Shoji.
Santeford, Henry S.
Parkinson, Fred E.
Ismail, Sayed.
Korbaylo, Brian W.
Xu, Shang-bi.
Doyle, Paul F.
McGilvary, W. R.
Gerard, Robert L.
Ettema, Robert.
Crissman, Randy D.
Sun, Zhaochu.
Saadé, Raafat G.
Caron, Octave.
Sarraf, Semaan.
Saucet, Jean Philippe.
Yang, Xiaoqing.
Crissman, Randy D.
Shen, Hung Tao.
Ren, Zhang Wen.
Chu, Vincent.
Blackmore, Ryan Z.
White, Kathleen D.
Prinsenberg, Simon J.
Michel, Bernard.
Andersson, Annika.
Hirayama, Ken-ichi.
Pilkington, Roger.
Li, Guifen.
Forest, Tom W.
Løset, Sveinung.
Demuth, Michael N.
Masterson, Daniel M.
Michel, Bernard.
Ladanyi, Branko.
Prowse, Terry D.
Masterson, Daniel M.
Sinha, Nirmal K.
Demuth, Michael N.
Kivisild, Hans R.
Gold, Lorne W.
Dempsey, John P.
Maes, Marc A.
Wang, Albert T.
Parsons, Bruce L.
Sodhi, Devinder S.
Masterson, Daniel M.
Zhao, Z. G.
Perovich, Donald K.
Bažant, Zdeněk P.
Sunder, S. Shyam.
Batto, Rachel A.
Brown, Robert L.
Schulson, Erland M.
Richter-Menge, Jacqueline A.
Frost, Harold J.
Cole, David M.
Wei, Yingchang.
Liu, Fuping.
Weber, Larry J.
Petrenko, Victor F.
Stehn, Lars.
Nixon, Wilfrid A.
Pritchard, Robert S.
Coon, Max D.
Billfalk, Lennart.
Saeki, Hiroshi.
Schaefer, Joseph.
Xiao, Jing.
Määttänen, Mauri.
Frederking, Robert M. W.
Brown, Thomas G.
Gulati, Kailash C.
Wuebben, James L.
Smith, Brennan Thomas.
Smith, Cliff D.
Karnovich, Vasili.
Zakrzewski, W. P.
Lever, James H.
Shatalina, Iren N.
Chen, Zanting.
Nevel, Donald E.
Kachanov, Mark.
Kachanov, Mark.
Gupta, V.
DeFranco, Samuel J.
Abdel-Tawab, Khaled.
Jordaan, Ian J.
Wright, B.
Croasdale, Kenneth R.
Nevel, Donald E.
Zufelt, Jon E.
Timco, Garry W.
Wessels, Egon.
Author (corporate): International Association for Hydraulic Research.
Date: [1993]
Publisher: Edmonton, Alberta: University of Alberta, Department of Civil Engineering
Abstract: Sections on ice mechanics, ice engineering and ice--structure interaction; hydraulics of ice-covered waters and ice-jam processes; and ice-formation processes, thermal regime, and atmospheric icing. Also special sessions on borehole indentation and expansion testing: applications and interpretation; and on ice mechanics; keynote lectures and reports of working groups.
Keywords: 061.3 -- Conferences: 1992 IAHR International Symposium on Ice, 11th.
624.145 -- Floating ice, engineering aspects.
551.32 -- Glaciology.
551.326 -- Floating ice.
551.326.7 -- Sea ice.
624.14 -- Snow and ice engineering.
E12 -- Glaciology: frozen ground / snow and ice engineering.
Location(s): SCO: SPRI-SHF: 624.14
SPRI record no.: 125102


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008 240415s1993####abcab##|#####|1||#0#eng#d
035 ## ‡aSPRI-125102
040 ## ‡aUkCU-P‡beng‡eaacr
110 2# ‡aInternational Association for Hydraulic Research.
245 10 ‡aIAHR 92; 11th International Symposium on Ice, Banff, Alberta, Canada, June 15-19, 1992. Proceedings /‡cInternational Association for Hydraulic Research.
260 ## ‡aEdmonton, Alberta :‡bUniversity of Alberta, Department of Civil Engineering,‡c[1993]
300 ## ‡a3 volumes (xvii, 594 p.; xi, 611 p.; xvii, 350 p.) :‡bill., diags., tables, maps ;‡c25 cm.
520 3# ‡aSections on ice mechanics, ice engineering and ice--structure interaction; hydraulics of ice-covered waters and ice-jam processes; and ice-formation processes, thermal regime, and atmospheric icing. Also special sessions on borehole indentation and expansion testing: applications and interpretation; and on ice mechanics; keynote lectures and reports of working groups.
650 07 ‡a061.3 -- Conferences: 1992 IAHR International Symposium on Ice, 11th.‡2udc
650 07 ‡a624.145 -- Floating ice, engineering aspects.‡2udc
650 07 ‡a551.32 -- Glaciology.‡2udc
650 07 ‡a551.326 -- Floating ice.‡2udc
650 07 ‡a551.326.7 -- Sea ice.‡2udc
650 07 ‡a624.14 -- Snow and ice engineering.‡2udc
650 07 ‡aE12 -- Glaciology: frozen ground / snow and ice engineering.‡2local
700 12 ‡aBeltaos, Spyros.‡tIce breakup and jamming in the Restigouche River, New Brunswick.
700 12 ‡aMatoušek, Václav.‡tFrazil and skim ice formation in rivers.
700 12 ‡aWadhams, Peter.‡tGlobal warming: a polar approach.
700 12 ‡aWortley, C. Allen.‡tEngineering design choices for Great Lakes snall craft harbors using a winter conditions classification system.
700 12 ‡aPohé, Jörg.‡tOn a constitutive law for polycrystalline ice based on the concept of internal variables.
700 12 ‡aTimco, G. W.‡tHans Island experiments in a laboratory.
700 12 ‡aDaly, Steven F.‡tField test of a surface-heated trash rack to prevent frazil ice blockage.
700 12 ‡aKato, Kazuyuki.‡tTriaxial strength tests on laboratory grown saline ice under low confining pressure.
700 12 ‡aAbdel-Zaher, A. K.‡tExperimental investigations of river ice cover cracking.
700 12 ‡aCarstens, Torkild.‡tFloating ice as a problem to hydropower intakes.
700 12 ‡aNixon, Wilfrid A.‡tDevelopment of a new test apparatus to determine scraping loads for ice removal from pavements.
700 12 ‡aLu, Mingchi.‡tTheoretical analysis of ice island loads upon a cylindrical rigid structure.
700 12 ‡aKitagawa, Hiromitsu.‡tSystematic series tests in ice with icebreaking tanker models (part 1)
700 12 ‡aMcKenna, Richard F.‡tDiscrete modelling of grain scale deformation mechanisms for ice in compression.
700 12 ‡aYamaguchi, Hajime.‡tFullscale and model observations of ice breaking pattern on a Japanese patrol icebreaker "Soya".
700 12 ‡aWilkman, Göran.‡tThe effect of snowcover on the resistance of ships in uniform level ice.
700 12 ‡aIzumiyama, Koh.‡tA numerical simulation of ice--cone interaction.
700 12 ‡aGold, Lorne W.‡tA comparison of crack initiation conditions for columnar-grain and granular ice.
700 12 ‡aMarcellus, Robert W.‡tA proposed criterion for determining when the crushing with extrusion failure mode will occur in ice.
700 12 ‡aKishi, Susumu.‡tDevelopment of the ice-breaking cruise ship "Aurora".
700 12 ‡aTakeuchi, Takahiro.‡tIce force on a rectangular pile.
700 12 ‡aComfort, George.‡tA numerical ice load model.
700 12 ‡aSpencer, Paul A.‡tThe flow properties of crushed ice: experimental observation and apparatus.
700 12 ‡aAbdelnour, Razek.‡tThe effect of the model ice density on the predicted performance of a structure or vessel in ice.
700 12 ‡aTronin, V. A.‡tEnsuring the safety of ice navigation of ships.
700 12 ‡aLiukkonen, Seppo.‡tIce resistance tests on a segmented icebreaker model.
700 12 ‡aSun, Zongfu.‡tThe formation of ice dams and its fuzzy models.
700 12 ‡aGerard, Robert.‡tBreakup ice regime of Red Deer River at the city of Red Deer.
700 12 ‡aMajewski, Wojciech.‡tIce problems in Poland.
700 12 ‡aMajewski, Wojciech.‡tLaboratory investigations of the flow in open channels with partial ice cover.
700 12 ‡aYamashita, Shoji.‡tCharacteristics of shear stress in the ice-covered river.
700 12 ‡aSanteford, Henry S.‡tEffects of a floating cover on backwater profiles.
700 12 ‡aParkinson, Fred E.‡tSpring breakup of the rivers in the Great Whale catchment area.
700 12 ‡aIsmail, Sayed.‡tIce jam thickness profiling on the Saint John River, New Brunswick.
700 12 ‡aKorbaylo, Brian W.‡tRiver ice management during construction of the lower Nelson hydroelectric stations.
700 12 ‡aXu, Shang-bi.‡tA further discussion about the ice drift problem in rubber dam.
700 12 ‡aDoyle, Paul F.‡tSuccessful mechanical removal of two major ice jams.
700 12 ‡aMcGilvary, W. R.‡tDynamic analysis of ice floe underturning stability.
700 12 ‡aGerard, Robert L.‡tSevere winter ferry operation: the Mackenzie River at Ft. Providence, NWT.
700 12 ‡aEttema, Robert.‡tPhysical modeling of ice accumulation at hydraulic structures.
700 12 ‡aCrissman, Randy D.‡tA plan for studying ice jamming on the upper Niagara River.
700 12 ‡aSun, Zhaochu.‡tExperimental study on thickness distribution of frazil ice jam in a curved flume.
700 12 ‡aSaadé, Raafat G.‡tSimulation of ice cover melting under the influence of air and water conditions.
700 12 ‡aCaron, Octave.‡tWinter thermal regime of a nordic reservoir, the LG2 reservoir (James Bay)
700 12 ‡aSarraf, Semaan.‡tNumerical modeling of an ice cover leading edge.
700 12 ‡aSaucet, Jean Philippe.‡tGLACE91: a numerical ice generation and buildup model.
700 12 ‡aYang, Xiaoqing.‡tIce cover effects on fluvial processes in the lower Yellow River.
700 12 ‡aCrissman, Randy D.‡tModeling of unsteady flow in upper Niagara River during ice-affected periods.
700 12 ‡aShen, Hung Tao.‡tFrazil jam evolution and cover load transport.
700 12 ‡aRen, Zhang Wen.‡tEffect of ice jam on bed load movement at Hequ section of the Yellow River.
700 12 ‡aChu, Vincent.‡tHeat transfer through ice--water interface with roughness.
700 12 ‡aBlackmore, Ryan Z.‡tAn uncomplicated model of ship icing.
700 12 ‡aWhite, Kathleen D.‡tIn-situ measurement of the permeability of frazil ice.
700 12 ‡aPrinsenberg, Simon J.‡tEffect of the snow cover on ice growth rates at land-fast ice stations in the Canadian Arctic.
700 12 ‡aMichel, Bernard.‡tThe ice regime of Rupert Bay.
700 12 ‡aAndersson, Annika.‡tFrazil ice formation and adhesion on trash racks.
700 12 ‡aHirayama, Ken-ichi.‡tInitiation and growth of ice cover in Lake Ogawara.
700 12 ‡aPilkington, Roger.‡tPotential effects of climate change on ice in the Beaufort Sea.
700 12 ‡aLi, Guifen.‡tObservations and numerical simulation of thermal and ice regimes in the Jing-Mi canal.
700 12 ‡aForest, Tom W.‡tGrowth rates of frazil ice discs.
700 12 ‡aLøset, Sveinung.‡tHeat exchange at the air exposed surface of icebergs.
700 12 ‡aDemuth, Michael N.‡tSpecial session; in-situ borehole indentation and expansion testing in ice: application and interpretation. Preface.
700 12 ‡aMasterson, Daniel M.‡tDevelopment of the original ice borehole jack.
700 12 ‡aMichel, Bernard.‡tTransport Canada pressuremeter.
700 12 ‡aLadanyi, Branko.‡tBorehole penetration and expansion devices for ice testing.
700 12 ‡aProwse, Terry D.‡tApplication of the borehole jack indentor in river ice break-up research.
700 12 ‡aMasterson, Daniel M.‡tInterpretation of insitu borehole ice strength measurement tests.
700 12 ‡aSinha, Nirmal K.‡tNRCC ice borehole indentation and uniaxial tests - a critical assessment.
700 12 ‡aDemuth, Michael N.‡tEstimating the effective strain modulus of deteriotating freshwater ice using the borehole jack indentor.
700 12 ‡aKivisild, Hans R.‡tIn-situ borehole testing in ice: a historical perspective.
700 12 ‡aGold, Lorne W.‡tInterpretation of field measurements for ice engineering applications.
700 12 ‡aDempsey, John P.‡tSpecial session; ice mechanics. Preface.
700 12 ‡aMaes, Marc A.‡tProbabilistic behaviour of a Poisson field of flaws in ice subjected to indentation.
700 12 ‡aWang, Albert T.‡tA probabilistic method for determining ice loads on structures.
700 12 ‡aParsons, Bruce L.‡tMaterials properties based risk analysis for qualitative prediction of ice failure.
700 12 ‡aSodhi, Devinder S.‡tIce--structure interaction with segmented indentors.
700 12 ‡aMasterson, Daniel M.‡tThe medium scale iceberg impact test program.
700 12 ‡aZhao, Z. G.‡tA dynamically forced floating beam.
700 12 ‡aPerovich, Donald K.‡tObservations of stress in Arctic pack ice.
700 12 ‡aBažant, Zdeněk P.‡tLarge-scale fracture of sea ice plates.
700 12 ‡aSunder, S. Shyam.‡tFracture process zone due to transient creep in polycrystalline ice.
700 12 ‡aBatto, Rachel A.‡tA preliminary investigation of the ductile--brittle transition in columnar S2 ice under compression.
700 12 ‡aBrown, Robert L.‡tAn evaluation of micromechanical processes in deformation of sea ice single crystals.
700 12 ‡aSchulson, Erland M.‡tThe brittle compressive failure of columnar ice under biaxial loading.
700 12 ‡aRichter-Menge, Jacqueline A.‡tThe compressive strength of frazil sea ice.
700 12 ‡aFrost, Harold J.‡tCrack nucleation in columnar ice.
700 12 ‡aCole, David M.‡tIce physics and micromechanics: a review of selected topics.
700 12 ‡aWei, Yingchang.‡tDislocation motion and plasticity of ice.
700 12 ‡aLiu, Fuping.‡tSynchrotron X-ray topography of polycrystalline ice.
700 12 ‡aWeber, Larry J.‡tApplication of scanning electron microscopy in the fracture and fatigue of granular polycrystalline ice.
700 12 ‡aPetrenko, Victor F.‡tApplication of electrical signals from cracks in ice micromechanics.
700 12 ‡aStehn, Lars.‡tFracturing and crack growth velocity of brackish sea ice.
700 12 ‡aNixon, Wilfrid A.‡tDevelopment of cracks in S2 freshwater ice under constant strain rate loading.
700 12 ‡aPritchard, Robert S.‡tSea ice leads and characteristics.
700 12 ‡aCoon, Max D.‡tPack ice anisotropic constitutive model.
700 12 ‡aBillfalk, Lennart.‡tIce effects and control for hydro power production.
700 12 ‡aSaeki, Hiroshi.‡tIce control in northern harbors.
700 12 ‡aSchaefer, Joseph.‡tEvolution of a university ice lab: IIHR in ice.
700 12 ‡aXiao, Jing.‡tPressure melting and friction in ice--structure interaction.
700 12 ‡aMäättänen, Mauri.‡tIce force interaction effects in multi-legged conical structures.
700 12 ‡aFrederking, Robert M. W.‡tStress distributions as a reflection of failure processes during medium scale ice indentation.
700 12 ‡aBrown, Thomas G.‡tA model for dynamic ice interactions with Molikpaq.
700 12 ‡aGulati, Kailash C.‡tA laboratory investigation of the friction properties of submerged ice rubble resting on sand.
700 12 ‡aWuebben, James L.‡tIce impacts on flow along the Missouri River.
700 12 ‡aSmith, Brennan Thomas.‡tA laboratory study of flow in ice-covered, dune-bed channels.
700 12 ‡aSmith, Cliff D.‡tPhysical model study of ice jamming at a low level crossing.
700 12 ‡aKarnovich, Vasili.‡tUse of a counter-regulating reservoir for prevention of rises in tailwater level due to ice jamming and damming.
700 12 ‡aZakrzewski, W. P.‡tSimulating superstructure icing on the entire vessel.
700 12 ‡aLever, James H.‡tA frazil ice concentration meter.
700 12 ‡aShatalina, Iren N.‡tOn the problem of reservoir freezeover.
700 12 ‡aChen, Zanting.‡tStudy of the application of a mathematical model of the lower Yellow River ice regime to optimal regulation of Sanmenxia reservoir.
700 12 ‡aNevel, Donald E.‡tIce forces on cones from floes.
700 12 ‡aKachanov, Mark.‡tMultiple cracking and damage in brittle solids.
700 12 ‡aKachanov, Mark.‡tMechanics of winged cracks growing under compression.
700 12 ‡aGupta, V.‡tPreliminary investigations of the measurement of fracture toughness in fresh water ice crystals and bi-crystals.
700 12 ‡aDeFranco, Samuel J.‡tNonlinear fracture analysis of saline ice: size, rate, temperature effects.
700 12 ‡aAbdel-Tawab, Khaled.‡tOn the relevance of linear elastic fracture mechanics to ice.
700 12 ‡aJordaan, Ian J.‡tInterplay between damage and fracture in ice--structure interaction.
700 12 ‡aWright, B.‡tPack ice driving forces inferred from Molikpaq ice loads.
700 12 ‡aCroasdale, Kenneth R.‡tSize effect on pack ice driving forces.
700 12 ‡aNevel, Donald E.‡tIce force probability issues.
700 12 ‡aZufelt, Jon E.‡tModes of ice cover failure during shoving and thickening.
700 12 ‡aTimco, Garry W.‡tSecond report of the IAHR Working Group on Ice-Modelling Materials.
700 12 ‡aWessels, Egon.‡tReport of the IAHR Working Group on Ice Forces on Structures.
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