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Record #104236:

Geological history of the polar oceans: Arctic versus Antarctic / Ulrich Bleil, Jörn Thiede, eds.

Title: Geological history of the polar oceans: Arctic versus Antarctic / Ulrich Bleil, Jörn Thiede, eds.
Author(s): Bleil, Ulrich,
Thiede, Jörn,
Kristoffersen, Y.
Sundvor, E.
Vorren, Tore O.
Berner, H.
Schrader, H.
Gard, G.
Baumann, M.
Bohrmann, G.
Johnson, G. L.
Lawver, L. A.
Baldauf, J. G.
Mudie, P. J.
Hinz, K.
Miller, H.
Henriet, J. -P.
Wefer, G.
Charles, Christopher D.
Abelmann, Andrea.
Westall, F.
Belyaeva, N. V.
Spindler, Michael.
Pfirman, Stephanie L.
Henrich, R.
Andersen, B. G.
Reeh, Niels.
Clark, David L.
Elverhøi, Anders.
Fütterer, D. K.
Bard, E.
Belyayeva, N. V.
Mienert, Jurgen.
Eisenhauer, A.
Köhler, S. E. I.
Bischof, Jens F.
Grobe, H.
Jansen, E.
Hodell, David A.
Date: 1990.
Publisher: Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic
Abstract: Contains 37 papers originally presented at NATO Advanced Research Workshop and Alfred-Wegener Conference, Bremen, W. Germany, October 1988. Represents first attempt at comprehensive interhemispheric comparison of geological evolution of polar oceans.
Keywords: 551.24 -- Geotectonics.
551.241 -- Plate tectonics.
551.1/.4 -- Geology.
551.77 -- Cenozoic.
B -- Geology and soil sciences.
(*2) -- Polar regions.
(*60) -- Arctic Ocean and adjacent waters.
(*80) -- Southern Ocean.
Location(s): SCO: SPRI-SHF: (*2) : 551.1/.4
ISBN: 0792307399
SPRI record no.: 104236


LDR 05868nam#a2200000#a#4500
001 SPRI-104236
005 20231128101619.0
007 ta
008 231128s1990####ne#ab##|#####|0||#0#eng#d
020 ## ‡a0792307399
035 ## ‡aSPRI-104236
040 ## ‡aUkCU-P‡beng‡eaacr
245 00 ‡aGeological history of the polar oceans :‡bArctic versus Antarctic /‡cUlrich Bleil, Jörn Thiede, eds.
260 ## ‡aDordrecht :‡bKluwer Academic,‡c1990.
300 ## ‡axi, 823 p. :‡bill., diags., tables, maps ;‡c25 cm.s.
490 0# ‡aNATO ASI Series. Series C, Mathematical and Physical Sciences ;‡v308
520 3# ‡aContains 37 papers originally presented at NATO Advanced Research Workshop and Alfred-Wegener Conference, Bremen, W. Germany, October 1988. Represents first attempt at comprehensive interhemispheric comparison of geological evolution of polar oceans.
650 07 ‡a551.24 -- Geotectonics.‡2udc
650 07 ‡a551.241 -- Plate tectonics.‡2udc
650 07 ‡a551.1/.4 -- Geology.‡2udc
650 07 ‡a551.77 -- Cenozoic.‡2udc
650 07 ‡aB -- Geology and soil sciences.‡2local
651 #7 ‡a(*2) -- Polar regions.‡2udc
651 #7 ‡a(*60) -- Arctic Ocean and adjacent waters.‡2udc
651 #7 ‡a(*80) -- Southern Ocean.‡2udc
700 1# ‡aBleil, Ulrich,‡eeditor.
700 1# ‡aThiede, Jörn,‡eeditor.
700 12 ‡aKristoffersen, Y.‡tOn the tectonic evolution and paleoceanographic significance of the Fram Strait gateway.
700 12 ‡aSundvor, E.‡tThe evolution of the Svalbard margins: synthesis and new results.
700 12 ‡aVorren, Tore O.‡tThe western Barents Sea during the Cenozoic.
700 12 ‡aBerner, H.‡tPhysiographic and biological factors controlling surface sediment distribution in the Fram Strait.
700 12 ‡aSchrader, H.‡tNorwegian-Iceland seas: transfer functions between marine planktic diatoms and surface water temperature.
700 12 ‡aGard, G.‡tSynthesis of Arctic and sub-Arctic coccolith biochronology and history of North Atlantic drift water influx during the last 500.000 years.
700 12 ‡aBaumann, M.‡tCoccoliths in sediments of the Eastern Arctic Basin.
700 12 ‡aBohrmann, G.‡tMiocene to Quaternary paleoceanography in the northern North Atlantic: variability in carbonate and biogenic opal accumulation.
700 12 ‡aJohnson, G. L.‡tMorphology and plate tectonics: the modern polar oceans.
700 12 ‡aLawver, L. A.‡tThe opening of the Arctic Ocean.
700 12 ‡aBaldauf, J. G.‡tEvolution of biosiliceous sedimentation patterns - Eocene through Quaternary: paleoceanographic response to polar cooling.
700 12 ‡aMudie, P. J.‡tNeogene to recent palynostratigraphy of circum-Arctic basins: results of ODP Leg 104, Norwegian Sea, Leg 105, Baffin Bay, and DSDP Site 611, Irminger Sea.
700 12 ‡aHinz, K.‡tStructures in rift-basin sediments on the conjugate margins of Western Tasmania, South Tasman Rise, and Ross Sea, Antarctica.
700 12 ‡aMiller, H.‡tA fine-scale seismic stratigraphy of the eastern margin of the Weddell Sea.
700 12 ‡aHenriet, J. -P.‡tSome speculations regarding the nature of the Explora-Andenes Escarpment, Weddell Sea.
700 12 ‡aWefer, G.‡tParticle sedimentation and productivity in Antarctic waters of the Atlantic sector.
700 12 ‡aCharles, Christopher D.‡tGlacial to interglacial changes in the isotopic gradients of Southern Ocean surface water.
700 12 ‡aAbelmann, Andrea.‡tPliocene-Pleistocene paleoceanography in the Weddell Sea - siliceous microfossil evidence.
700 12 ‡aWestall, F.‡tPolar Front fluctuations and the Upper Gauss to Brunhes paleo-oceanographic record in the southeast Atlantic Ocean.
700 12 ‡aBelyaeva, N. V.‡tDistribution patterns of calcareous foraminifers in Arctic Ocean sediments.
700 12 ‡aSpindler, Michael.‡tA comparison of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice and the effects of different properties on sea ice biota.
700 12 ‡aPfirman, Stephanie L.‡tSea ice characteristics and the role of sediment inclusions in deep-sea deposition: Arctic-Antarctic comparisons.
700 12 ‡aHenrich, R.‡tCycles, rhythms, and events in Quaternary Arctic and Antarctic glaciomarine deposits.
700 12 ‡aAndersen, B. G.‡tCenozoic glacier fluctuations in polar regions - terrestrial records from Antarctica and the North Atlantic sector of the Arctic.
700 12 ‡aReeh, Niels.‡tPast changes in precipitation rate and ice thickness as derived from age-depth profiles in ice-sheets; application to Greenland and Canadian Arctic ice core records.
700 12 ‡aClark, David L.‡tStability of the Arctic Ocean ice-cover and Pleistocene warming events: outlining the problem.
700 12 ‡aElverhøi, Anders.‡tLate Weichselian ice recession in the central Barents Sea.
700 12 ‡aFütterer, D. K.‡tSediment patterns in the southern Weddell Sea: Filchner Shelf and Filchner Depression.
700 12 ‡aBard, E.‡tThe last deglaciation in the southern and northern hemispheres: a comparison based on oxygen isotope, sea surface temperature estimates, and accelerator ¹⁴C dating from deep-sea sediments.
700 12 ‡aBelyayeva, N. V.‡tForaminiferal assemblages in sediments from Mendeleev Ridge, Arctic Ocean.
700 12 ‡aMienert, Jurgen.‡tPhysical and acoustic properties of Arctic Ocean deep-sea sediments: paleoclimatic implications.
700 12 ‡aEisenhauer, A.‡tHigh resolution ¹⁰Be and ²³⁰Th stratigraphy of Late Quaternary sediments from the Fram Strait (core 23235)
700 12 ‡aKöhler, S. E. I.‡tThe enigma of oxygen isotope stage 5 in the central Fram Strait.
700 12 ‡aBischof, Jens F.‡tDropstones in the Norwegian-Greenland sea - indications of Late Quaternary circulation patterns?.
700 12 ‡aGrobe, H.‡tStable isotope record and Late Quaternary sedimentation rates at the Antarctic continental margin.
700 12 ‡aJansen, E.‡tNeogene and Pleistocene glaciations in the northern hemisphere and Late Miocene-Pliocene global ice volume fluctuations: evidence from the Norwegian Sea.
700 12 ‡aHodell, David A.‡tSouthern Ocean response to the intensification of northern hemisphere glaciation at 2.4 Ma.
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