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Recent M.Phil. and Ph.D. theses undertaken at the Institute

Recent M.Phil. and Ph.D. theses undertaken at the Institute


Some recent examples of thesis topics from our M.Phil. in Polar Studies course:

  • The role of Atmospheric and Oceanic forcing in Greenland outlet Glacier Behaviour
  • Images of the Indigenous in Modern Media: To what extent is the cross-cultural expansion of the media altering the way arctic indigenous societies are portrayed in western media
  • Subglacial Melt Water Drainage at Paakitsoq, West Greenland: insights from a distributed, physically based numerical model
  • The Moose River Flood event sequence and the 8,200 BP Cold-Event
  • Glacier Inventory by Remote Sensing Systems
  • Investigating & Predicting the Mass-balance Flow Variations of Midre Lovenbreen, Svalbard with a Simple Computer Model
  • Small-Scale variations in glacier albedo
  • Marine Geophysical investigations of channel-like features on the floor of Marguerite trough, Antarctic Peninsula
  • Honouring the past, Building the future: Is a truth & reconciliation Commission the Appropriate Forum to address the legacy of Indian residential Schools.
  • Marine Geophysical Investigations of the Polar North Atlantic Sea-Floor Scouring at the Mouth of Hudson Strait By Deep-Keeled Icebergs
  • Sea ice Variability and Atmospheric Forcing in the Arctic North Atlantic
  • Visual Representation of the Arctic & Public Spectacle in Mid-Victorian England. A study of the Arctic Art of WHJ Browne
  • Antarctica as an Inspiration Resource
  • The Environmental Effects of Hydroelectric Power in Arctic Scandinavia
  • Formal Education and Antarctic
  • Peripheral Vision: Aspects of Science in the Arctic (1840-1890)
  • Comparing the Use of Oral Tradition in Courts for Land Claims: Canada and Australia
  • Western Perceptions of the Risks Posed by Russian Nuclear Submarines
  • Seeing Cold Places Through Warm Eyes: An examination of the visual representations of the Arctic by popular geographical periodicals throughout the twentieth-century
  • Heterotrophic microbial colonization of the interior of shocked rocks from the Haughton Impact Structure, Devon Island, Nunavut, Canadian High Arctic
  • Effect of Climate Change and Atmospheric Pollution on Larix spp. Noril'sk, Northern Siberia
  • Satellite Monitoring of the Response of Circumarctic Vegetation to Environmental and Anthropogenic Forcing
  • Greenlandic Travel Writing in Atuagagdliutit
  • Negotiated Authenticity: The Sami Handicraft Market of Sweden


Some examples of Ph.D. theses undertaken at the Scott Polar Research Institute:

  • Numerical modelling of sediment delivery from tidewater glaciers to the marine environment.
  • Assessment of Environmental Risk in the Arctic.
  • Spatial modelling of pasture use by Komi reindeer herders.
  • Patients' experience of shamanic healing in Tuva, Siberia.
  • Value and validation: Science in the Arctic, 1820-50.
  • GIS and remote sensing applied to reindeer ecology in the European Arctic.
  • The corral and the slaughterhouse: knowledge, tradition and the modernization of indigenous reindeer slaughtering practice in Norwegian Arctic.
  • Population increase of the Antarctic Fur Seal (Arctocephalus Gazella) in the Scotia Sea: Implications for Management.
  • The Geophysics of Antarctic Coastal polynyas.
  • Gender & Nationalism in Postcolonial Autonomy Movements: A comparison of Nunavut (Canada) and Tuva (Russia).
  • Politics and culture among the Russian Sami: Leadership, representation and legitimacy.
  • Remote sensing of environmental degradation in the North: Case study of the non-ferrous metal industry in Noril'sk Northern Siberia.
  • Sea Ice Variability in Russian Artic Coastal Seas: Influences on the Northern Sea Route.
  • Scapegoats of Nationalism: Ethnic Tensions in Sakha (Yakutia), North-eastern Russia.
  • Sea Ice cover deformation on the local scale of the mesoscale and its relationship to atmosphere-ocean processes.
  • What is means to be a herdsman: the practice and image of reindeer husbandry amoug the Komi of Northern Russia.
  • Flipping the Switch: The Transformation of Energy Markets.
  • Family Discontinuity and 'Social Orphanhood' in the Russian Far East: Children in Residential Care Institutions.
  • Identity and belonging among white migrants in Chukotka.
  • Indigenous Self Government Negotiations in the Northwest Territories Canada: Time, Reality and Social Suffering.