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North with Nares

North with Nares

Are you related to any member of the Arctic Expedition of 1875-76 led by Captain George Nares ?

Sponsored by the Royal Navy and The Royal Geographical Society, HM ships Alert and Discovery sailed from Portsmouth on 29th May 1875. The expedition, though blighted by scurvy, achieved a furthest north of 83° 6' 41" and collected much valuable scientific data. One member, Lieutenant Wyatt Rawson, was my great grandfather. If you recognize a forebear amongst the names listed below I should love to hear from you!

Meriel Larken []

Officers, Men and Marines of Captain George Nares' Arctic Expedition 1875-76

HMS Alert

Aldrich, Pelham Senior Lieutenant
Ayles, Adam 2nd Captain foretop
Berrie, James Ice Quartermaster
Burroughs, George L. Ship's Steward
Cane, James Frederick Armourer
Capato, Spero Captain's Steward
Colan, Thomas, M.D., Fleet-Surgeon
Cranston, George Able seaman
Deuchars, David Ice Quartermaster
Doidge, James Captain foretop
Dominics, Vincent Ship's Cook
Egerton, George Le C. Sub-Lieutenant
Ellard, William Private
Ferbrache, William Able seaman
Fielden, H.W. Captain; R.A. Naturalist
Francombe, Reuben Able seaman
Frederick Greenlander
Giffard, G.A. Lieutenant
Good, Joseph Chief Boatswain's mate
Gore, William I. Stoker
Harley, Daniel W. Captain foretop
Hawkins, John Cooper
Hill, Elias Gunner
Hollins, John Private
Hunt, William Wardroom Cook
Joiner, Robert Leading Stoker
Jolliffe, Thomas Captain maintop
Kemish, George Wardroom Steward
Lawrence, Edwin Gunner's mate
Lorimer, William Able seaman
Malley, William Able seaman
Mann, Henry Shipwright
Markham, Albert H. Commander
Maskell, William Able seaman
May, W.H. Lieutenant
Mitchell, David Able seaman
Moss, E.L., M.D. Surgeon
Nares, George S Captain
Oakley, Thomas Gunner
Parr, A.A.C. Lieutenant
Pearce, Alfred R. Able seaman
Pearson, John Able seaman
Petersen, N.C. Inuit Interpreter
Porter, George Gunner
Pullen, W.H., Rev. Chaplain
Radmore, John N. Chief Carpenter's mate
Rawlins, Thomas Captain forecastle
Self, James Able seaman
Shirley, John Stoker
Simmons, John 2nd Captain maintop
Simpson, Thomas H. Able seaman
Smith, Thomas Private
Stubbs, Thomas Stoker
Stuckberry, Thomas Captain maintop
Symonds, Robert D. Able seaman
Thores, John Ice Quartermaster
White, George Engineer
Winstone, George Able seaman
Wood, William Colour Sergeant
Woolley, William P. Able seaman
Wootton, James Engineer

HMS Discovery

Archer, Robert H. Lieutenant
Beaumont, Lewis A. Senior Lieutenant
Bryant, George Captain maintop
Bulley, Samuel Stoker
Bunyan, George Ropemaker
Cartmel, Daniel Engineer
Chalkley, Thomas Able seaman
Chatel, Frank Captain forecastle
Conybeare, C.I.M. Sub-Lieutenant
Cooper, James 2nd Captain maintop
Coppinger, M.D, Richard W. Surgeon
Craig, Peter Able seaman
Cropp, John Gunner
Darke, Thomas Private
Dobing, Wilson Gunner
Dougall, William Ice Quartermaster
Eddy, E.C. Chief Captain's mate
Edwards, Henry W. Able seaman
Emmerson, George W. Chief Boatswain's mate
Fulford, Reginald B. Lieutenant
Gear, Jonah Wardroom Steward
Girard, Daniel Able seaman
Gray, Alexander Ice Quartermaster
Hand, James J. Able seaman
Hart, Chichester R.A. Naturalist
Heindrich, Hans Greenlander
Hindle, Alfred Able seaman
Hitchcock, Robert W. Able seaman
Hodges, John Able seaman
Hodgson, Charles E. Chaplain
Jones, Frank Stoker
Leggatt, George Able seaman
Miller, Matthew R. Engineer
Mitchell, Thomas Assistant Paymaster
Murray, John Private
Ninnis, Belgrave, M.D. Staff-Surgeon
Paul, Charles Able seaman
Petty, Henry Private
Phillips, James Wardroom Cook
Rawson, Wyatt Lieutenant
Rayner, Elijah Gunner
Regan, Michael Able seaman
Rourke, Jeremiah Leading Stoker
Saggers, John S. Able seaman
Sarah, George R. Ship's Steward
Shepherd, James Cooper
Simmons, Thomas Captain forecastle
Smith, John E. Sailmaker
Stephenson, Henry F. Captain
Stewart, David Captain foretop
Stone, George 2nd Captain foretop
Sweet, William R. Stoker
Taws, Edward Ice Quartermaster
Thornback, James Able seaman
Waller, William Private
Ward, William Armourer
Wellington, William C. Sergeant
Windser, Henry Carpenter's crew
Wyatt, Benjamin Able seaman