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Friends Lecture Series

Friends Lecture Series

Michaelmas Term 2010 Lectures

Regular lectures begin at 8:00pm (doors open at 7:30). Lectures generally last for about an hour, including questions, and are normally followed by tea or coffee. Except for the 13th Nov screening before the AGM Lectures are free to members of the Friends otherwise £5.00 on the door. Now that the Institute remodelling is complete, regular lectures have returned to our own Institute Theatre.

16th October "Sir Hubert Wilkins – Forgotten Hero?"

Jim McNeill, Explorer and Adventure Travel organiser

Highly accomplished explorer, award winning cinematographer, record breaking sub-mariner and pioneering aviator, Australian born Sir Hubert Wilkins was a true hero of his time with ticker tape parades in New York and global news coverage celebrating his amazing acts of derring-do and serious exploration. Why is it then that few, today, have heard of him and even fewer know of the length and breadth of his exploits? Jim McNeill presents a thought provoking potted history and relates it to modern-day exploration.

30th October "Melting ice – rising seas: Antarctic Climate Change and the Environment"

Dr. Colin Summerhayes, Emeritus Associate, SPRI

Despite global warming, the ozone hole is keeping Antarctica colder than it would be otherwise and making sea ice grow. The Antarctic Peninsula is warming, affecting penguins; East Antarctica, however, is still cold. Warm ocean currents reach the continental shelf off West Antarctica, melting glaciers from beneath and making them speed up. Antarctica and Greenland are now both losing land ice, making sea level rise faster than expected. In future the continent will warm more, land ice will melt, sea ice will shrink, and penguin productivity will drop. There are significant implications for coastal communities in the impending sea-level rise.

Dr. Colin Summerhayes, a marine geologist, is a past Director of the UK's Institute of Oceanographic Sciences Deacon Laboratory and a former Deputy Director of the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton. He is currently an Emeritus Associate at the Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI) of Cambridge University.

13th November "Ponting's The Great White Silence"

Cambridge preview of the digitally remastered Ponting's The Great White Silence – The film of the Terra Nova expedition.

Doors open 3:30pm. Tickets on sale now.

Watch a preview online.

27th November "The Northern Party – in the shadows of the heroic age?"

Robin Back, Chairman, Friends of SPRI

Originally named the Eastern party, a small group of seamen under the command of Lt. Victor Campbell with one scientist, Geologist Raymond Priestley, intended to land and explore King Edward VII land to the East of the Ross ice barrier in 1911. Things turned out somewhat differently… Faced with disaster and starvation, the party overwintered in an ice cave 'living off the land' but all survived in an extraordinary tale of courage and endurance.