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SPRI Public Lectures - Lent term 2003

All lectures are at 8.00 p.m. in the Scott Polar Research Institute, Lensfield Road. They are open to all who are interested, and seats will be reserved, on request, for Friends of the Scott Polar Research Institute.

Life and Identity in Arctic Europe: The Sámi People In Sápmi Today

Saturday, 25 January

Speaker: Dr Sharon Webb, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge

In this slide-illustrated lecture, the speaker will discuss the recent cultural revival of the Sámi, after an extended period of attempted assimilation into the four Nordic states which they inhabit. She will focus in particular on the role of Sámi museums in this revival and on the importance of artefacts, both historic and contemporary.

The British Army Expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula, 2001-2002

Saturday, 8 February

Speaker: Richard Pattison

The speaker was joint leader of a 15-strong team to the Danco Coast for ten weeks. Using a 72-foot sailing yacht as a mobile base camp, eight mountains were climbed, and a range of historical, geographical and wildlife information recorded, including work for the Scott Polar Research Institute.

The Northwest Passage

Saturday, 15 February

Speaker: Gary Comer

A well-known businessman speaks about a voyage which changed his life. Famous for centuries of exploration and the scene of the disastrous Franklin expedition, today the Northwest Passage is a bell-wether for global change. Looking after the Arctic is not just a matter for scientists and the Inuit. What happens there, matters to us all.

Henry Robertson Bowers (1883-1912)

Saturday, 22 February

Speaker: Clive Bradbury

To commemorate installation at the Institute of a memorial plaque to one of the five members of Scott's Polar Party, the speaker will relate the life and achievements of Bowers, focusing particularly on his contribution to Scott's Terra Nova expedition.

Surveying in Antarctica forty years ago

Saturday, 8 March

Speaker: Richard Harbour

The speaker was employed by the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey, 1959-61, working as a surveyor at the great sledging base Hope Bay, and during the summer from survey ships.