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Public Lectures - Lent term 1998

Public Lectures - Lent term 1998

Please note change of time. All lectures are at 8.00 p.m. in the Scott Polar Research Institute, Lensfield Road. They are open to all who are interested, and seats will be reserved, on request, for Friends of the Institute.

Svalbard and the expeditions of the Arctic Research Group

Saturday, 24 January

Ian Frearson, Arctic Research Group

The Arctic Research Group has organised five expeditions to Svalbard since 1989. These expeditions provide opportunity for scientists and students to carry out multi-disciplinary research on an island with a long tradition of British research. Mr. Frearson is the Group's leader.

The Cretaceous greenhouse: fossil forests of Antarctica

Saturday, 7 February

David Cantrill, British Antarctic Survey

On his four visits to Antarctica Dr. Cantrill has worked in the Prince Charles Mountains (with ANARE), Alexander Island and Livingston Island (with BAS), and, most recently, various sites on the Antarctic Peninsula making the Horizon programme 'The ice forms' shown on BBC2, 6 November 1997. He is the current holder of the Laws Prize.

Cape Farewell Expedition, Greenland, 1996

Saturday, 21 February

Mike Bartle, De Monfort University (Bedford)

An account of the first European sea kayaking expedition to successfully negotiate Greenland's southernmost point, notorious for its rough seas. Mr. Bartle has made previous expeditions to East Greenland and Iceland, as well as participating in the first expedition to sea kayak round Eurasia's northernmost point, Cape Chelyuskin.

The limits of endurance: the physiology of polar travel

Saturday, 7 March

Mike Stroud, Institute of Human Nutrition, Southampton General Hospital

Together with Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Dr Stroud made the first unsupported crossing of the Antarctic continent in 1992-93. He has also participated in five unsupported Arctic expeditions and two other Antarctic expeditions, including the 'In the Footsteps of Scott' expedition with Robert Swan and Roger Mear. His account of the Antarctic crossing has been published as Shadows on the wasteland (London: Jonathan Cape, 1993). He is a noted authority on human nutrition in extreme conditions.