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Public Lectures - Lent term 1997

Public Lectures - Lent term 1997

All lectures are at 8.30 p.m. in the Scott Polar Research Institute, Lensfield Road. They are open to all who are interested, and seats will be reserved, on request, for Friends of the Institute.

Acid rain in the Russian Arctic: the view from space

Saturday, 25 January

Dr Gareth Rees, Scott Polar Research Institute

Dr Rees is head of the Institute's Remote Sensing Research Group. In this illustrated lecture, he will report the results of a joint Anglo-Russian project investigating the application of remote sensing technology to the assessment and monitoring of environmental pollution in the Kola Peninsula.

A FID in the '60s: a personal account of Antarctic life and science 30 years' ago

Saturday, 8 February

Dr Peter Clarkson, Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Before becoming Executive Secretary of SCAR in 1989, Dr Clarkson worked as a geologist with the British Antarctic Survey. He wintered at Halley Bay in 1968 and 1969 whilst carrying out research on the Shackleton Range and participated subsequently in expeditions to the South Shetlands and Antarctic Peninsula.

Icebreaking around the world

Saturday, 22 February

Captain Joe Wubbold, Scott Polar Research Institute

Captain Wubbold will give an illustrated talk on a lifetime's experience working for the US Coast Guard. He will describe the different types of icebreakers he has served on or seen in action, and the difficulties presented by ice conditions in the polar seas and Great Lakes region.

Herbert Ponting: Antarctic photographic artist

Saturday, 8 March

Robert Headland, Archivist and Curator, Scott Polar Research Institute.

Mr Headland is a noted authority on the polar regions, particularly Antarctica, and the author of the standard works The Island of South Georgia (Cambridge, 1985) and Chronological list of Antarctic expeditions and related historical events (Cambridge, 1989) among many other publications.