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An Evening with Kari Herbert

An Evening with Kari Herbert

Saturday 29th April 2006, 7 p.m.

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Kari Herbert first reached the polar regions at the age of ten months when her father, pioneering explorer Sir Wally Herbert, took Kari and his wife Marie to stay on an island off the coast of Northwest Greenland. For over two years they lived among one of the last surviving tribes of traditional Inuit hunters. Her first language was Inuktun, the Thule dialect of Greenlandic. At the age of four Kari accompanied her parents on another trip that took them through winter blizzards in a caravan to spend time with the Sami of Lapland. Kari has continued to travel extensively ever since. Then, in 2002, she returned to explore her Arctic roots alone.

Kari Herbert

Now a respected writer, broadcaster and photographer, Kari's first book, The Explorer's Daughter: A Young Englishwoman Rediscovers Her Arctic Childhood (2004), received exceptional reviews in the national press. It was recently read by Emilia Fox as Book of the Week for BBC Radio 4. Copies will be available for signing during the evening. The book tells of her return to the place of her early childhood and her quest to understand her connection to both the wilderness of the High Arctic and its unique people who were once her guardians, friends and family. She is now working on her second book: Heart of the Hero: The Women Behind Polar Exploration.

Kari is a popular lecturer and this evening promises to be a special treat as she weaves her famous spell of native myth, family memoir and personal adventure, against the backdrop of the Arctic wilderness.

More information about Kari is available on her website at

This special fund-raising event is part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of the Friends of the Scott Polar Research Institute and will take place in the Institute's Lecture Theatre.