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Captain's Letter no. 10

Captain's Letter no. 10

From HMS Endurance

We are grateful to Commander, Tom Sharpe, RN Captain of HMS Endurance for the latest news.

"Just a quick note from the new(ish) Commanding Officer of HMS ENDURANCE.

I joined the ship as the Executive Officer back in May 2008 and was lucky enough to be 'rated up' and take full command of 'The Plum' from Captain Gavin Pritchard OBE in May this year.

Most of you will be aware of a flooding incident that took place whilst the ship was returning last December from a busy but successful operating period, The cause of the flood remains the subject of an official investigation - suffice it to say that the incident elicited exactly the highly professional response that one would expect from a Royal Naval crew, of whom I remain very proud.

Water inside
Water where it shouldn't be!
Kapitan Khlebnikov
Pumped out
Endurance aboard MV Target
On board MV Target in the Solent

Since then getting Endurance back to the UK and preparing her for refit have dominated proceedings. The former involved an unmanned tow from Punta Arenas to the Falklands followed by two months intensive preparations for the long ship-lift home. Good Friday saw MV Target enter the Solent. Once in the UK experts from all over the UK and Europe have been consulted to scope the flood damaged equipment with a view to costing the repair. This process remains ongoing and we will update you on progress as it occurs.

Kapitan Khlebnikov

Footnote - National Geographic and Five have both bought the documentary that was being made of Endurance, called Ice Patrol. Only four out of six episodes were shot (for obvious reasons...) and the first is showing on National Geographic, on 3 Aug then weekly thereafter. We are very proud of all four episodes, but especially the last one that accurately depicts what the ship and her crew went through in the cold South Pacific on 16 December 2008 despite having landed the documentary crew that morning!"

All photographs courtesy of HMS Endurance