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2009 Friends of SPRI Dog Sledge Challenge Team

2009 Friends of SPRI Dog Sledge Challenge Team

This is what our 2009 group thought of their adventure; there are spaces available for our 2010 event if you are up for the challenge!

The 2009 Sledging Team
Back Row - Marie Sadler, Adam Shakir, Helen Varbles, Sid Cooper (E.L), Per Thore Hansen
Front Row - Llinos Jenkins, Judith Croasdell, Bob Burford, Alice TerHaar

Judith Croasdell

"The leadership - Per-Thore, Sid, Dr Jonathan were superb. I couldn't ask for a more impressive leader and back up team - Sid was a hoot and so was Jonathan. They were all brilliant. As for the dogs, admiration and amazement at their fortitude. My fellow Sledgers were just the nicest bunch of friends anyone could ever make. I find myself dreaming Arctic landscapes and dogs. It is a most vivid and satisfying memory."

Judith Croasdell with sledge and dogs

Marie Sadler

Marie Sadler with her dog team

"Well all I can say is it was the most amazing thing I have ever done. The scenery was stunning, the challenge was amazing and I could not have hand picked a better bunch to share it with. We had wonderful team spirit, we all took it very seriously and got 100% back. The dogs were very much part of our team and we all developed a great affection for each and everyone with a special place for our own of course.

Per Thore is an amazing person and leader, we all loved his passion and knowledge, and listened to his every word. Sid (Across the Divide) and Jonathan our doctor made everything run very smoothly for us and kept us entertained too. We were in very good hands indeed. Going back to basics really makes you appreciate how lucky we are. I would do it all again tomorrow."

Robert Burford

"The trip was amazing. The stunning scenery, dogs and the friends I met all culminated into a soup of memories that I will never forget. It was a real challenge and good to get back to basics, a team effort all round. Evenings spent snuggled up in a warm cabin with hot toddies and beer, then excitement on the trails when your Buddies are pulling you with a vigour that overwhelms.

The peace and the silence of Norway will always stay with me. We had laughs every day, plus aches and pains but it was all part of the magic of this experience.

A special thanks to Per Thore and the expedition staff who gave us support and friendship and made us feel comfortable. We couldn't have asked for more."

Robert Burford with his wheel dogs

Alice TerHaar

Alice Ter Haar in the Arctic

"My warmest thanks go to everyone who participated in the Friends of SPRI Dog Sledging Challenge for 2009. In itself it was an amazing and memorable experience, but was made more so by the group: our leader Per Thore, with his calm and humorous competence, remarkable given the nerve-racking orth Pole experience ahead of him; Sid and Jonathan, whose voices I can still hear dispensing praise or entertainment; my brilliant team of dogs, responding three-fold to every bit of help given; and, by no means least, the participants - individuals all - who, by virtue of being who they are, made the challenge both achievable and immensely enjoyable.

Long may the Polar Regions and its inhabitants survive."

Llinos Jenkins

"What a fantastic experience! All I think about now is dogs and sledging, it's an obsession, the last day may have been a little scary but the feeling making it to the end was more than worth it. I fell in love with my dogs and wanted to take them all home - especially Sean! But more than anything I met some wonderful people and the experiences and memories I took back with me will honestly stay with me forever."

Llinos Jenkins on her sledge runners

... and also

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