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2008 Sledging Teams

2008 Sledging Teams

Level 1

Jennifer Murray

"It was all and more than I could have hoped for - and to be back in the great Arctic isolation was incredibly special". Jennifer Murray


Lucy Tang

"The sledging trip was the perfect springboard for me to get into fitness, adding fun and adventure all into one. It was also a great starter trip to get back to nature and test ones performance in a team".


Les Cherrington

"I don't think I could tell you in a few words how great that week was, but a big thanks to all the new friends I made. See you all soon".

... and also

  • Marco Baggioli
  • Peter Bond
  • Amanda Brooks
  • Beatrice Dixon
  • Suzanna Murray
  • Andrew Pickard (Rep)
  • Christy Powell
  • Elizabeth Stewart
  • [ Jeremy Tang ]

Level 2

Angie Butler

"Thrills, spills and the best time ever. It was my third time dog sledging and I am pretty well hooked!"


Cathy Cooper

"The week was tough but so rewarding. It felt like a real expedition into the unknown. We were totally self sufficient, carrying food and tents on the sledges and reliant on the weather and our guide's map reading skills. The scenery up in the mountains was spectacular and I think everyone was disappointed when our incredible journey came to an end".


... and

  • Chris Adams
  • Saskia Butler
  • Helen George
  • Rie Inoue
  • Jeanne Suchodolski