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Friends of SPRI Sponsored Arctic Dog Sledge

Friends of SPRI Sponsored Arctic Dog Sledge

Sledging (image © Cathy Cooper)

Many of the funds raised for the Friends of SPRI have been raised through sledging trips and the Arctic Dog Sledge Challenge.

The Friends are no longer organising sledging challenges, however you can still participate in sledging challengers as a Open Event. If you are interested in organising an event for yourself or a group of sledgers, please contact us for background information.

Sledging (image © Bob Russell)

Previous events

The Friends' first dog sledging challenge took place in 2006. The generous sponsorship raised was a huge boost to the charity. It proved to be so popular that in 2007 we ran two successful trips and sledging became a regular feature of the Friends' calendar.

Our sledgers enjoyed the 2007 events so much that in 2008 we convinced 'Across the Divide' to organise an Extreme Trip for those who had already been on one of the regular challenges! 2009 saw another group trip and in 2010, just one sledger took up the challenge.

Information about the trips can be found below:

Sledging (image © Phil Alton)

All the photos and video on this page were taken by previous participants.

Photographs © by Cathy Cooper, Bob Russell, Phil Alton