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Antarctic artist 2014/15: Darren Rees

Antarctic artist 2014/15: Darren Rees

Darren joined HMS Protector as artist in residence in 2015.

Darren Rees is an artist and naturalist with nearly thirty years' experience of sharing the wonder of the natural world.

Since his acclaimed solo book Bird Impressions his paintings have attracted many national awards, particularly his recent body of work from the High Arctic.

Darren was born in Hampshire in 1961. Darren uses a variety of media, most commonly watercolour in the field, and acrylic and oil paint for larger landscapes and studio works. Darren's work relates to his encounters with the natural world - he has travelled extensively, from the Amazon to the Arctic and many points between.

Darren says he is truly thrilled and honoured to be given the opportunity by the SPRI to experience the grand landscapes and abundance of life at the opposite end of the world.

'It was truly memorable experience in so many ways, and I'd like to thank all at SPRI, the Royal Navy, and on the Falklands for making my trip of a lifetime possible.'

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penguin berg
King Penguins at Volunteer Point Falklands Cathedral berg at Rothera