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Antarctic artist 2013/14: John Kelly

Antarctic artist 2013/14: John Kelly

John joined HMS Protector as artist in residence in January 2014.

John Kelly

John Kelly was born in London in 1949 and graduated from Leeds University. He moved to Oxford, where he taught Geography during 1971-1985. He now lives and works in Brighton and since the 1990s has travelled extensively producing journals on topographical and architectural interpretation.

Residences and Fellowships

  • HMS Protector, Royal Navy (Friends of the Scott Polar Research Institute)
  • British Antarctic Survey, Svalbard Research Station (NERC)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Museum, Aland Archipeligo, Finland
  • Tyndall Centre for Climate Change, Anchorage Museum, Alaska
  • Barrow Arctic Science Consortium, Alaska
  • Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge
  • Reykjavik University, Iceland, London School of Theology