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Meet the Artists

Meet the Artists

Here you can explore the work of the previous artists.

Claudia Myatt sketching

Antarctic artist 2022: Polly Townsend

In January 2023 Polly begun a five week voyage, beginning in the Falklands, then travelling south, via the Drake's Passage, to the Antarctic Peninsula. The trip included stops at Port Lochroy, Damoy Point, Rothera Station, Horseshoe Island and a remarkable day on Avian Island.

Claudia Myatt sketching

Antarctic artist 2021: Claudia Myatt

Following delays brought about by the Covid pandemic, in November 2021 Claudia Myatt travelled on board the HMS Protector to the Antarctic as the Friends of SPRI Antarctic artist in residence. It was the fulfilment of a lifetime dream to visit, study and experience its wildlife first hand.

Lesley Burr

Arctic Artist 2019: Lesley Burr

Artist Lesley Burr travelled to the arctic onboard the CV Resolute, producing 70 sketches, 10 larger paintings, 500 photographs during the voyage providing source material for a new body of paintings and prints.

Andrew Lansley

Antarctic artist 2018/19: Andrew Lansley

Andrew Lansley travelled to the antarctic in 2018/9 and was incredibly impressed with the scenery and experience, much of which he has captured in his work.

Nick Jones

Arctic artist 2018: Nick Jones

In September 2018 Nick Jones travelled with the friends of SPRI to Western Greenland and Baffin Island as their Arctic artist in residence. It was the fulfilment of a long held yearning to travel north, and was an extraordinary experience that is already proving to be the catalyst for a significant new body of work.

Nick Romeril

Antarctic artist 2017/18: Nick Romeril

Nick Romeril travelled to the antarctic in2018 and created over 200 small paintings/drawings, including some closeups of blue bergs.

Kat Austen

Arctic artist 2017: Kat Austen

Kat Austen travelled to the Arctic in the summer of 2017. Her work seeks to combine perspectives around dispersal - of ice, culture and identity - into a series of sound, video and sculpture works to further explore engendering empathy for the Arctic region.

Shelly Perkins

Antarctic artist 2016/17: Shelly Perkins

Shelly Perkins visited the Antarctic in early 2017. Shelly uses a technique that blends traditional illustrative drawing with digital technologies to create beautifully rich images of landscapes and wildlife.

Julian Grater

Arctic artist 2016: Julian Grater

Julian Grater was our first Arctic Artist in Residence, in June 2016. His voyage involved a circumnavigation of Spitzbergen.

Lucy Carty

Antarctic artist 2015/16: Lucy Carty

Lucy Carty was our Antarctic artist for 2015/17.

Darren Rees

Antarctic artist 2014/15: Darren Rees

Darren Rees joined HMS Protector as artist in residence in 2015. Darren is an artist and naturalist with nearly thirty years' experience of sharing the wonder of the natural world.

John Kelly

Antarctic artist 2013/14: John Kelly

John Kelly joined HMS Protector as artist in residence in January 2014. He has travelled extensively producing journals on topographical and architectural interpretation.

Emma Stibbon

Antarctic artist 2012/13: Emma Stibbon

Emma Stibbon joined HMS Protector. Emma is Senior Lecturer Fine Art Printmaking at the University of Brighton.

Dafila Scott

Antarctic artist 2010/11: Dafila Scott

Dafila Scott joined HMS Scott in the Antarctic. Dafila trained as a zoologist, before turning to drawing and painting in oils, watercolour and pastels. Much of her work is inspired by landscape.

Rowan Huntley

Antarctic artist 2009/10: Rowan Huntley

Rowan Huntley was our inaugural Artist in Residence. Initially planning to go South with HMS Endurance, she eventually joined HMS Scott in Jan/Feb 2010.