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Workshop with CEPIN

Workshop with CEPIN

Room 101, Hardy building, Downing

1 February 2010, 14.00 - 18.00

CEPIN (Citizenship, Encounters and Place enactment In the North) is a social science research school based in the University of Tromsø.

On February 1 2010, a group from CEPIN will be having a meeting and workshop together with Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge.

Presentations include:

  • Jackie Price, SPRI: "Regenerating Inuit Arctic governance through people and place"
  • Cato Christensen, CEPIN: "Recuperating the past: On the process of cultural memory-making in the Sámi films The Pathfinder (1987) and The Kautokeino Rebellion (2008)"
  • Rolf Inge Larsen, CEPIN: "On the relationship between the perceived Finnish threats and Laestadianism in Northern Norway between the two World Wars."

There will also be plenty of opportunity for discussion.

The meeting is open for all interested researchers and research students.