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Getting to the Institute

Getting to the Institute

Maps to the institute


The following are methods of getting to the Institute. Further information is available on the University's website.

By air

The University has compiled relevant air travel information.

By train to Cambridge

Cambridge is on the line from King's Cross, London. The journey from London to Cambridge takes around an hour or slighly less. You can plan a train journey to Cambridge.

The information below gives directions upon arrival in Cambridge. Once at the station, take a bus or a taxi to the town centre, and the Institute is a few minutes walk away.

By car

Please note that the Institute has no parking spaces. The town car parks are a relatively short distance from the institute, but do allow extra time for parking since the city is always busy. You may instead find the city's Park and Ride system easier.

The information below gives directions upon arrival in Cambridge.

By coach/bus

The Drummer Street bus station is around five minutes' walk from the Institute. See further information on local bus travel.


The University has compiled information on taxis which might also be of use.

By bicycle

There is cycle parking immediately outside the front entrance to the Institute. You can plan a cycle route to SPRI.

Cambridge is considered by some to be a relatively cycle-friendly city in which to travel, and so cycles are very common. There are numerous bicycle and bicycle hire shops, some of which are listed externally here.