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Shackleton items from the Archives

Ernest Shackleton's scientific notes made during the Discovery expedition

The Discovery expedition was successful in producing comprehensive scientific and geographical surveys, it was the first to penetrate the interior of Antarctica and effectively located the South Magnetic Pole. The Discovery expedition helped open the door to a century of British scientific research.

Dr Hugh Robert Mill, a noted oceanographer and meteorologist sailed with Discovery as far as Madeira to help with the science programme. He became good friends with Ernest Shackleton during the voyage and later remembered,

For all the quickness and orderliness of his mind, Shackleton was not the kind of man ever to make a pure scientist. He required to see a result too quickly and was long in grasping the importance of writing down one reading of an instrument before making the next. But his inexhaustible good humour made correction easy and his determination to excel served him here as in other tasks

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