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SPRI Review 2012: Projecting the Significance of the Polar Regions

Projecting the Significance of the Polar Regions

Institute staff continue to be involved in the outward projection of polar research and education through, for example, media work, public lectures and visits by schools to our polar museum. Several of our staff made appearances on radio and television, including BBC and ITV news programmes. The amount of filming taking place in the Institute reached record levels in 2012, related to very strong media interest in the centenary of Captain Scott’s last expedition to Antarctica. Views and quotations on polar topics, many of which include an emphasis on polar environmental change issues, have also appeared in broadsheet newspapers both in Britain and internationally, and on the increasingly visited websites of media organisations. A number of our staff have given external talks at primary and secondary schools, in addition to academic seminars at UK and foreign universities. Our regular series of Saturday evening Public Lectures, organized by Celene Pickard on behalf of the Friends of SPRI, also attracts audiences of up to 80. These external activities are time consuming, but are important in ensuring that the work of the Institute, in terms of both its scholarship and heritage activities, are projected as widely as possible.

Julian Dowdeswell