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SPRI Review 2012: Institute Staff

Institute Staff

Senior Academic and Related Staff

Professor Julian Dowdeswell Director and Professor of Physical Geography
Dr Neil Arnold University Senior Lecturer
Dr Michael Bravo University Senior Lecturer
Dr Poul Christoffersen University Senior Lecturer
Mrs Heather Lane Librarian and Keeper of Collections
Professor Elizabeth Morris, OBE Senior Research Associate
Dr Gareth Rees University Senior Lecturer
Dr Ian Stone Editor, Polar Record
Dr Piers Vitebsky Assistant Director of Research
Dr Ian Willis University Senior Lecturer

Research Staff

Mr Toby Benham Research Associate
Dr Marion Bougamont Research Associate
Mrs Evelyn Dowdeswell Research Associate
Dr Janne Flora Research Associate
Dr Marga Garcia Research Fellow (to January)
Dr Kelly Hogan Research Fellow
Dr Stephen Pax Leonard Research Fellow
Dr Shane McCorristine Research Fellow
Dr Ruth Mugford Research Associate
Dr Stephen Palmer Research Associate
Dr Olga Ulturgasheva Research Fellow

Library, Archive and Museum Staff

Ms Naomi Boneham Archives Manager
Mrs Georgina Cronin Library Assistant
Mr Bryan Lintott Exhibitions Officer
Ms Lucy Martin Picture Library Manager
Mrs Sophie Rowe Conservator (from April)
Ms Christina Rozeik Conservator (from May)
Ms Shirley Sawtell Information Assistant (to October)
Ms Hilary Shibata Antarctic Bibliographer
Ms Willow Silvani Documentation Assistant
Ms Kay Smith Museum Project Manager (from December)
Ms Rebecca Stancombe Library Assistant
Mrs Isabella Warren Russian Bibliographer
Ms Sophie Weeks Education and Outreach Officer (to October)
Mr Jeremy Wong Arctic Bibliographer

Support Staff

Mr Grahame Adley Maintenance
Ms Rosie Amos Saturday Museum Assistant (to August)
Mrs Lisa Avis Receptionist/Secretary (from April)
Mrs Danielle Feger Research Administrative Officer
Mrs Kate Gilbert Director’s Assistant/Institute Administrator
Ms Marion Jeffries Maintenance
Mr Martin Lucas-Smith Web Manager
Mrs Maria Pearman Senior Clerk
Mr Roy Smith Maintenance
Dr Adam Strange Administrator (from March)

Doctoral Students

  • Ms Narelle Baker
  • Ms Alison Banwell
  • Ms Christine Batchelor
  • Ms Amy Donovan
  • Mr William Eucker
  • Mr Peter Evans
  • Mr Jorge Guzman
  • Ms Tania Kossberg
  • Ms Terto Kreutzmann
  • Ms Evelyn Landerer
  • Mr Adrian McCallum
  • Ms Jackie Price
  • Ms Dinah Molloy Thompson
  • Mr Martin O’Leary
  • Mr Allen Pope
  • Mr Tim Reilly
  • Ms Katya Shipigina
  • Ms Anna-Maria Trofaier
  • Mr Laur Vallikivi
  • Ms Claire Warrior

M.Phil. Students

  • Ms Clare Fraser
  • Mr Jonathan Furhmann
  • Mr Jerome Mayaud
  • Mr James McMillan
  • Mr James Pearson
  • Mr Joe Todd

Institute Associates

  • Dr John Ash
  • Dr Lawson Brigham
  • Dr Liz Cruwys
  • Dr Nick Cutler
  • Dr Fiona Danks
  • Dr Bob Hawley
  • Mr Robert Headland
  • Dr Neil Kent
  • Dr Elena Khlinovskaya Rockhill
  • Dr Beau Riffenburgh
  • Dr Florian Stammler
  • Dr John Tichotsky
  • Dr Olga Tutubalina
  • Dr Emma Wilson

Emeritus Associates

  • Dr Peter Clarkson, MBE
  • Mr Harry King
  • Dr Simon Ommanney
  • Professor Larry Rockhill
  • Dr Bernard Stonehouse
  • Dr Colin Summerhayes
  • Dr Charles Swithinbank
  • Dr Janet West
  • Professor Peter Williams

Other organisations based at SPRI

World Data Centre for Glaciology, Cambridge

Mr Rick Frolich Manager

International Glaciological Society

Dr Magnús Már Magnússon Secretary General

Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Dr Michael Sparrow Executive Director
Dr Renuka Badhe Executive Officer
Dr Eoghan Griffin Project Officer
Mrs Rosemary Nash Senior Clerk

SPRI Committee of Management

Prof. R.C. Kennicutt, Chair Chair of the Council of the School of Physical Sciences
Prof. J.A. Dowdeswell, Sec. Director, Scott Polar Research Institute
Prof. S.E. Owens, OBE Head, Department of Geography
Prof. J.A. Pyle Department of Chemistry
Prof. D.A. Hodell Department of Earth Sciences
Prof. S. Schaffer Department of History and Philosophy of Science
Prof. P.M. Brakefield Director, Museum of Zoology

SPRI Advisory Committee

Prof. J.A. Jackson, Chair Head, Department of Earth Sciences
Prof. E. Hill, OBE Interim Director, British Antarctic Survey
Rear Admiral N. Lambert Chief Executive UKHO and National Hydrographer
Ms J. Rumble Head of the Polar Regions Department, FCO
His Excellency, The Hon Mr G. Campbell High Commissioner for Canada
Dr E. Jolley BP
Dr J. Craig Eni
Professor R. Mair, CBE Department of Engineering
Professor S. Smith Mistress, Girton College