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SPRI Review 2012: National and International Roles of Staff

National and International Roles of Staff

Members of the Institute are active in many roles relating to national and international committees and advisory groups involving the polar regions, and are members of the editorial boards of a number of international journals. These include:

  • Vice-Chair and UK representative on the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) Working Group on the Cryopshere; J.A. Dowdeswell
  • UK representative on the International Arctic Science Council (IASC) Working Group on the Humanities and Social Sciences; M. Bravo
  • Member of the UK Antarctic Place-Names Committee; J.A. Dowdeswell
  • Member of the International Arctic Social Sciences Association (IASSA) International Polar Year Taskforce; M. Bravo
  • Member of the NERC Peer Review College; N.S. Arnold, J.A. Dowdeswell
  • Vice-President, Geological Society of London; C.P. Summerhayes
  • Treasurer, International Glaciological Society; I.C. Willis
  • UK Delegate to the International Science Initiative for the Russian Arctic; W.G. Rees
  • Member of the Advisory Council, European Union Arctic Forum Foundation; M. Bravo
  • Member of the international steering group for the Tundra-Taiga Initiative; W.G. Rees
  • Trans-Antarctic Association; P.D. Clarkson (Chair); K.A. Hogan, R.K. Headland, E.M. Morris (UK Advisory Committee members).
  • Permanent UK representative of the Association of Marine Mammal Hunters of Chukotka; P. Vitebsky
  • Trustee: Sutasoma Trust - P. Vitebsky; Fuchs Foundation - J.A. Dowdeswell
  • Steering Committee Member, Polar Libraries Colloquy; H.E. Lane
  • Steering Committee Member, EU Arctic Information Centre; H.E. Lane
  • Editorial Board members: Polar Record, Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Archaeology, Ethnology and Anthropology of Eurasia, Anthropology and Archaeology of Eurasia, Anthropology and Medicine, Earth’s Cryosphere, Cultural Geographies, Journal of the Institute of Conservation, Worldviews: Environment, Culture, Religion.