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SPRI Review 2011: Seminars


Polar Physical Sciences seminars, including:

  • Polar ozone loss
    Neil Harris (University of Cambridge)
  • Ocean forcing of ice-sheet change in West Antarctica
    Adrian Jenkins (British Antarctic Survey)
  • Imaging contemporary subglacial landscapes: detailed geophysical surveys of Antarctic ice streams
    Ed King (British Antarctic Survey)
  • Antarctic subglacial hydrology and topography
    Anne Le Brocq (University of Exeter)
  • Why do glaciers fall apart?
    Martin O’Leary (University of Michigan)
  • Quantifying the predictive uncertainty of numerical mass-balance models
    Cameron Rye (University of Oxford)
  • Microbial communities in Antarctic subglacial aquatic environments
    Mark Skidmore (Montana State University)

Polar Social Science and Humanities seminars, including:

  • On sagas and trolls in Greenland
    Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough (Norse, Cambridge)
  • The inhabited Arctic: new cartographies in the study of Arctic governance and exploration
    Michael Bravo (Convenor)
  • Issues of historical practice in the polar region: Scott Polar History Colloquium
    Michael Bravo, Cristina Adcock and Shane McCorristine (Convenors)
  • On mesmerism, spiritualism and Arctic explorers
    Shane McCorristine (Maynooth and SPRI)
  • Brasilian Antarctic scientists and their cosmologies
    Luís Guilherme Resende de Assis (Brasilia)
  • The post-Fordist Arctic: new migration patterns in Canada’s North
    Chris Southcott (Aix-en-Provence)
  • Ontological clash of afterlives: why Siberian natives can’t engage with the ghosts of Russian Gulag prisoners
    Olga Ulturgasheva (SPRI)
  • Resorting to sorcery: filling in for the failure of judicial redress in Siberia
    Kostas Zorbas (University of Thrace, Greece)