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SPRI Review 2010: Polar Record

Polar Record

The journal continued as an internationally refereed and ISI-listed journal of polar research for the sciences, social sciences and humanities. Four issues were published by Cambridge University Press during 2010. Thirty-three articles appeared during the year together with twelve notes, seventeen book reviews and other contributions including two obituaries. This represents a continuing increase over previous years, arising largely from technical improvements in the use of space; for example, reducing font size for notes and obituaries. A further development is the advent of colour reproduction not only for illustrations within papers but also, perhaps more significantly, on the front cover.

The practice of issuing reprints has ceased and authors now receive a final pdf file that they are at liberty to copy. All accepted papers are published on the journal website maintained by Cambridge University Press, before appearing in hard copy form. This is regarded as publication for citation purposes and means that the turn-round time may be radically reduced. The aim is that, if a paper is approved by referees, electronic publication should be no later than eight weeks after submission. This makes Polar Record attractive to authors for whom priority is important. A further factor stimulating the increasing number of submissions for publication appears to be the journal’s ISI status, received in 2006. No fewer than 76 referees were consulted during the year and, for their input towards making the journal a success, the Institute is most grateful.

Ian R. Stone (Editor)