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SPRI Review 2010: International Glaciological Society (IGS)

International Glaciological Society (IGS)

The IGS headquarters is based at SPRI. Its aim is to serve the worldwide community of glaciologists by publishing activities, organization of symposia and actively promoting the exchange of information and ideas on all aspects of snow and ice. 2010 saw yet another record number of paper submissions to the Journal of Glaciology. This is the fifth year in a row we have broken the previous year’s record. In total, 196 submissions were received, 52% above the 10 year average for 2001-2010. The average time between submission and publication remains well within a year. During 2010, the IGS published six issues of the Journal of Glaciology, three issues of ICE, its news bulletin, and three volumes of the Annals of Glaciology.

The IGS also organized three international symposia in 2010: one on ‘Sea Ice in the Physical and Biochemical System’, held in Tromsø, Norway, in June; another on ‘Snow Ice and Humanity in a Changing Climate’, held in Sapporo, Japan, in June; and a third, ‘Earth’s Disappearing Ice: Drivers, Reponses and Impacts’, held in Ohio, USA, in August. In addition, the Society also co-sponsored several IGS branch meetings and other meetings by separate organizations. Details of the IGS and its activities are available from its website (, hosted by the SPRI.

Magnús Már Magnússon (Secretary General)