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SPRI Review 2009: SPRI Website

SPRI Website

Much of the year's work has been taken up with preparations for a considerable expansion of the Picture Library and Museum catalogue sections of the website. The SPRI Portals Project, which aims for a wider distribution of material from the Picture Library, has meant changes in workflow, enabling many thousands more pictures and catalogue items to be added online. The 20,000 images from the Freeze Frame project have now been added to the catalogue, as well as catalogues of Polar Art, Scrimshaw and others, with more due to come as their data are finalised. An online giving facility has been added to the website in support of the SPRI Appeal. Other new sections include a new Conservation blog, outlining the changes to the archives storage, and a new set of pages being created to support the redevelopment of the museum. The Directories of Polar Organisations and of Polar Museums were upgraded, and a new Polar Libraries directory has been launched, on behalf of the Polar Libraries Colloquy. All organisations featured in these directories can now maintain their own entries. Lastly, a new blog, 'Scott's Last Expedition' was also created in October by a volunteer, Christopher Hughes, presenting the daily writings of Scott in his diaries exactly 99 years on. The site had received more than 50,000 hits by the year end. A daily Twitter feed, signed up to so far by over 1,000 people, also supports this venture (

Martin Lucas-Smith