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SPRI Review 2009: Publications by Institute Staff

Publications by Institute Staff


  • Dowdeswell, J.A., Lane, H.E., Charlier, G. and de Pomereau, J., (Editors), 2009. Captain Scott's Antarctic Expedition 1910–13: the Photographs of Herbert Ponting. Salto Ulbeek and Scott Polar Research Institute, Boxed Portfolio of 48 prints and 6 essays. Pellikka, P. and Rees, W.G., (Editors), 2009. Remote Sensing of Glaciers. Boca Raton, Florida: CRC Press. 330 pp.


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Chapters in Books and Other Contributions

  • Bravo, M.T., 2009. Arctic science, nation-building, and citizenship. In Abele, F., Courchene, T., Seidle, L. and St-Hilaire, F., (Eds.), Northern Exposure: Peoples, Powers and Prospects for Canada's North. Montreal: Institute for Research on Public Policy, p. 321-348.
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  • Sawchuck, C.M., 2009. Review of 'Hunters at the Margin: Native People and Wildlife Conservation in the Northwest Territories' by John Sandlos. Canadian Historical Review, v. 90, p. 182-184.
  • Sawchuk, C.M., 2009. Auktoritet och expertis: Forskning, lokal kunskap och politik i Kanadas nordområden. [Expert authority in the early twentieth-century Canadian Arctic]. Polarår Ymer 2009, p. 105-127.
  • Ulturgasheva, O., 2009. Personhood and 'frontier' in contemporary Amazonia and Siberia'. (Co-authors M. Brightman and V. Grotti). In Kirtchik, O., (Ed.), Laboratorium. Russian Review of Social Research. Thematic issue: Russia/CIS/Latin America: Comparative Studies in Post-Authoritarian Transformation.
  • Vallikivi, L., 2009. Christianisation of words and selves: Nenets reindeer herders joining the state through conversion. In Pelkmans, M., (Ed.), Conversion after socialism: disruptions, modernities and the technologies of faith in the Former Soviet Union. Oxford, New York: Berghahn Books, p. 59-83.

Student Doctoral and Masters Theses

  • Flora, J., Ph.D., Relatedness, loneliness and longing in Qeqertaq, Greenland
  • Hogan, K.A., Ph.D., The geomorphic and sedimentary record of glaciation on high-latitude continental margins with particular reference to the northeastern Svalbard margin
  • Landerer, E., M.Phil., Hunting, walking, reindeer keeping: places and movements among the Evenki of Eastern Siberia
  • Maher, S.K., Ph.D., Traplines and tar sands: labour and the production of aboriginal space
  • Marsh, O., M.Phil., The influence of ice roughness on melting and freezing at the ice-ocean interface: a laboratory study
  • Pickett, M., M.Phil., The response of Hagafellsjökull Vestari Glacier, Iceland, to future climate scenarios computed with a dynamic glacier flowline model coupled to a degree-day mass balance model
  • Pope, A., M.Phil., Recent changes to Langjökull Ice Cap, Iceland: an investigation integrating airborne lidar and satellite imagery
  • Seale, A., M.Phil., South-east Greenland Ice Sheet: short term response to environmental conditions
  • Waddington, H., M.Phil., Supraglacial lake evolution on the Greenland Ice Sheet
  • Watling, L., M.Phil., An analysis of the presentation and portrayal of Petty Officer Edgar Evans, the first man to perish in Captain Scott's Pole Party of 1912


Polar Physical Science seminars included:

  • Erebus volcano, Antarctica: eruption dynamics and atmospheric impacts
    Clive Oppenheimer (University of Cambridge)
  • Geophysical surveys of Subglacial Lake Ellsworth, West Antarctica: implications for in-situ exploration
    John Woodward (Northumbria University)
  • Mechanisms of englacial conduit formation and their implications for subglacial recharge
    Jason Gulley (University of Florida)
  • Where Have All the Icebergs Gone?
    Chris Woodworth-Lynas (NW Atlantic Ocean Observing System Partnership)
  • Marine ice in Larsen Ice Shelf
    Paul Holland (British Antarctic Survey)
  • Linking North and South Atlantic deep water circulation using Nd isotopes
    Alex Piotrowski (University of Cambridge)
  • Neogene terrestrial environment of Antarctica
    Alan Ashworth (North Dakota State University)
  • Subaerial salt extrusions in Iran as analogues of ice sheets, streams and glaciers
    Christopher Talbot (University of Uppsala)

Polar Social Science and Humanities seminars included:

  • 'Spirit-charged' humans and animals among the Evenki of eastern Siberia
    Alexandra Lavrillier (Paris)
  • Hunting the wolf for 'wind horses' in Mongolia, and revealing the individual
    Bernard Charlier (Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit, Cambridge)
  • Mongolian ethnicity: idealisations and forceful inclusions
    Frank Bille (Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit, Cambridge)
  • Buddhism beyond good and evil: Morality and the ethics of self-cultivation in Inner Mongolian Buddhism
    Jonathan Mair (St John's College, Cambridge)
  • Being and becoming: space, time and itineraries of intelligibility among Soyot children of the Eastern Sayan Mountains (Siberia)
    Alex Skinner (Social Anthropology, Cambridge)
  • Environmental change and marinescapes: a Tlingit perspective (sub-Arctic Canada)
    Thomas Thornton (Oxford)
  • Heavy words and intentionality among Nenets reindeer herders (European Arctic)
    Laur Vallikivi (SPRI, Cambridge)
  • Repeated returns and special friends: from mythic first encounter to endless historical change (India and Siberia)
    Piers Vitebsky (SPRI, Cambridge)