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SPRI Review 2009: Polar Record

Polar Record

Four issues of Polar Record were published by Cambridge University Press during 2009. The journal continued as an internationally refereed journal of polar research for the sciences, social sciences and humanities. 30 articles appeared during the year together with eight notes, 27 book reviews and other contributions, including four obituaries. These figures represent a welcome increase over the volume of material published in previous years and this has arisen largely from technical improvements in the use of space within the journal itself together with a small increase in the number of pages. The practice of issuing reprints has ceased and authors now receive a final pdf file that they are at liberty to copy. With effect from the middle of the year all accepted papers are published on the Cambridge University Press website before appearing in hard copy form. This counts as publication for citation purposes and means that the 'turn round' time may be radically reduced. In one recent case the time between a paper being submitted, being refereed, and being published on the web was only six weeks. This makes Polar Record attractive to authors for whom priority is important and partly explains why the Editor has sufficient material for the whole of the print run for 2010 already. A further factor stimulating the increasing number of submissions for publication appears to be the journal's ISI status, received in 2006. It is a pleasant duty to report that no fewer than 78 referees were consulted during the year and for their input towards making the journal a success, the Institute is most grateful.

Ian R. Stone (Editor)