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Publications by Institute Staff

Publications by Institute Staff


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Chapters in Books and Other Contributions

  • Bravo, M.T., with the International Expert Panel on Science Priorities for the Canadian Arctic Research Initiative, 2008. Vision for the Canadian Arctic Research Initiative: Assessing the Opportunities. Council of Canadian Academies, Ottawa. November 2008. 36 pp.
  • Bravo, M.T., 2008. Sea ice mapping: ontology, mechanics, and human rights at the ice floe edge. In Cosgrove, D. and della Dora, V., (Eds.), High Places: Cultural Geographies of Mountains and Ice, p.161-176. London, IB Tauris.
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Student Masters and Doctoral Theses

  • Carrs, R.J., M. Phil. The role of atmospheric and oceanic forcing in Greenland outlet glacier behaviour
  • Graham, A.R., M. Phil. The Moose River Flood event sequence and the 8,200 BP Cold-Event
  • Long, S., M. Phil. Subglacial meltwater drainage at Paakitsoq West Greenland: insights from a distributed, physically based numerical model
  • Stiastny, N.V., M. Phil. Images of the Indigenous in modern media: to what extent is the cross-cultural expansion of the media altering the way arctic indigenous societies are protrayed in western society Ash, J.A., Ph.D., Assessment of environmental risk in the Arctic
  • Mugford, R., Ph.D., Numerical modelling of sediment delivery from tidewater glaciers to the marine environment
  • Ulturgasheva, O., Ph.D., Young people's vision of their own future among the Even of Eastern Siberia