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Institute Staff

Institute Staff

Senior Academic and Related Staff

  • Professor Julian Dowdeswell, Director and Professor of Physical Geography
  • Dr Neil Arnold, University Lecturer
  • Dr Paul Berkman, Senior Research Associate
  • Dr Michael Bravo, University Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Poul Christoffersen, University Lecturer
  • Mrs Heather Lane, Librarian and Keeper of Collections
  • Professor Elizabeth Morris, OBE, Senior Research Associate
  • Dr Gareth Rees, University Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Ian Stone, Editor, Polar Record
  • Dr Piers Vitebsky, Assistant Director of Research
  • Dr Ian Willis, University Senior Lecturer

Research Staff

  • Mr Toby Benham, Research Associate
  • Mr Frank Bowles, Research Associate
  • Dr Marion Bougamont, Research Associate
  • Dr Huw Lewis-Jones, Research Associate
  • Ms Mel Rouse, Education Research Officer
  • Dr Olga Ulturgasheva, Research Fellow

Library and Archive Staff

  • Mr Tim Banting, Digital Imaging Assistant
  • Ms Naomi Boneham, Archives Manager
  • Ms Cara Bootman, Museum Assistant
  • Mr Mark Gilbert, Library Assistant
  • Ms Lucy Martin, Picture Library Manager
  • Ms Shirley Sawtell, Information Assistant
  • Ms Rebecca Stancombe, Library Assistant
  • Ms Hilary Shibata, Antarctic Bibliographer
  • Mr Robert Smith, Museum Project Manager
  • Ms Sally Verrall, Digital Imaging Assistant
  • Miss Rosalyn Wade, Schools Liaison Officer
  • Mrs Isabella Warren, Russian Bibliographer
  • Mr Jeremy Wong, Arctic Bibliographer

Support Staff

  • Mr Stanley Chapman, Maintenance (to September 2008)
  • Mrs Liz Crilley, Director's Assistant (to May 2008)
  • Mrs Kate Gilbert, Director's Assistant (from June 2008)
  • Mrs Judy Heath, Senior Clerk (to August 2008)
  • Ms Jamie Horsley, Administrator
  • Ms Marion Jeffries, Maintenance
  • Ms Claire Lampitt, Receptionist/Secretary
  • Mr Martin Lucas-Smith, Web Manager
  • Dr Alison Maguire, Administrator
  • Mr Matt Nelson, Computer Officer
  • Mrs Maria Pearman, Senior Clerk (from September 2008)
  • Mr Brian Smith, Maintenance

Doctoral Students

  • Ms Narelle Baker
  • Mr Kelly Dolan
  • Ms Amy Donovan
  • Mr Peter Evans
  • Ms Janne Flora
  • Mr Jorge Guzman
  • Ms Kelly Hogan
  • Mr Adrian McCallum
  • Ms Dinah Molloy Thompson
  • Ms Ruth Mugford
  • Mr Martin O'Leary
  • Mr Cameron Rye
  • Ms Christina Sawchuk
  • Mr Laur Vallikivi

M.Phil. Students

  • Ms Rachels Carr
  • Mr Alasdair Graham
  • Mr Sylvan Long
  • Ms Nicola Stiastny

Institute Associates

  • Dr John Ash
  • Dr Lawson Brigham
  • Dr Liz Cruwys
  • Dr Bob Hawley
  • Mr Robert Headland
  • Mr Keith Hill
  • Dr Neil Kent
  • Dr Beau Riffenburgh
  • Dr Elena Khlinovskaya Rockhill
  • Dr Florian Stammler
  • Dr John Tichotsky
  • Dr Olga Tutubalina
  • Dr Emma Wilson

Emeritus Associates

  • Dr Peter Clarkson
  • Mr Michael Gorman
  • Mr Harry King
  • Dr Simon Ommanney
  • Professor Larry Rockhill
  • Mr Peter Speak (deceased)
  • Dr Bernard Stonehouse
  • Dr Charles Swithinbank
  • Dr Janet West
  • Professor Peter Williams

Other organisations based at SPRI

World Data Centre for Glaciology, Cambridge

  • Mr Rick Frolich, Manager

International Glaciological Society

  • Dr Magnús Már Magnússon, Secretary General
  • Mrs Linda Gorman, Assistant to the Secretary General

Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

  • Dr Colin Summerhayes, Executive Director
  • Dr Michael Sparrow, Executive Officer
  • Mrs Rosemary Nash, Senior Clerk