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SPRI Review 2007: World Data Centre (WDC) for Glaciology, Cambridge

World Data Centre (WDC) for Glaciology, Cambridge

The WDC is responsible for acquiring and cataloguing glaciological material for the Scott Polar Research Institute Library. In addition, the manager compiles, edits and produces Polar and Glaciological Abstracts, and maintains the SPRI bibliographic database and associated software. WDC also aims to satisfy, either directly or by referral, requests for glaciological information from academic and media researchers and the general public.

Fully abstracted and indexed records for 53 monographs and 520 articles of glaciological interest acquired by the SPRI library were added during 2007 to the in-house database SPRILIB, which now contains over 179,000 entries. Three issues of Polar and Glaciological Abstracts were produced during 2007. Publication is now entirely in-house. Updates were supplied to the quarterly CD-ROM and online database Arctic and Antarctic Regions (published by NISC). WDC also manages the SPRI contribution to a new NISC database dedicated to the International Polar Year 2007-08, freely-available at

Relevant SPRILIB records continue to be made available freely (approximately eight months after appearing in Polar and Glaciological Abstracts) via the online database SPRILIB ICE AND SNOW. With over 50,000 entries, the resource receives around 17,000 requests annually. The site received hits from over 100 countries in 2007. The Directory of European Glaciology - - has been maintained and continues to be well used, receiving many thousands of hits from over 50 countries in the past year.

Upgrading of the in-house database software continues, with the immediate aims of improving the quality of information held in the database and the productivity of those contributing to or interrogating it. A strategy document has been written examining options for replacing the current Muscat system.

Rick Frolich