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SPRI Review 2007: Current Research Grants

Current Research Grants

Institute staff hold competitively won grants of over £2.2 million, about £1.5 million of which is from the UK Research Councils (NERC and AHRC).

Grants from UK Research Councils

Marine geological processes and sediments beneath floating ice shelves in Greenland and Antarctica: investigations using the Autosub AUV

Source: Natural Environment Research Council, Grant NER/T/S/2000/00986
£369,062 (2001–2007)

Glacial-interglacial changes in the lost drainage basin of the West Antarctic

Source: Natural Environment Research Council, Grant NER/G/S/2002/00192
£84,932 (2004–2007)

Slope stability on Europe's passive continental margins

Source: Natural Environment Research Council, Ocean Margins Link Programme, Grant NER/T/S/2003/00318
£125,210 (2004-2007)

Sediment transfer from the Antarctic continent to deep ocean: a shelf-slope-basin system investigated using the ISIS Remotely Operated Vehicle

Source: Natural Environment Research Council, Grant NE/C506372/1
£143,632 (2004-2008)

Validation and provision of CryoSat measurements of fluctuations in the Earth's land and marine ice fluxes

Source: Natural Environment Research Council
£319,635 (2004-2009)

Grants from Other Sources

Polar Field Stations and IPY History. Culture, Heritage, Present Governance 1882 -Present

Source: Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation, Grant F2005-1364:1E
£14,173 (2006-2007)

Canadian Studies Interdisciplinary Research Project

Source: Foundation for Canadian Studies
£10,500 (2006-2007)

Potential threats to the future of Inuit Beluga Whale hunting in Canadian Arctic

Source: British Academy, Grant BAPDF0508
£67,929 (2006-2008)

Polar bears for sport; a critical analysis of the social and economic benefits and costs of conservation (Trophy) hunting in the Canadian Arctic

Source: British Academy Small Grant SG-46137
£3,560 (2007)

BOREAS Inaugural Meeting

Source: European Science Foundation, Grant 06/99/MvD
£66,231 (2006-2007)

Marine geophysical and geological investigations of past flow and stability of a major Greenland ice stream in the late Quaternary

Source: National Environment Research Council, Grant NE/D001986/1
£217,341 (2006-2010)

Mass Balance of Langjokull, Iceland

Source: NERC Airborne Remote Sensing Facility (ARSF) Project, Award No. IPY07/08.
£26,950 (equivalent funding)

Understanding contemporary changes in the Antarctic Ice Sheet

Source: Natural Environment Research Council, Grant NE/E005950/1
£165,878 (2007-2010)

The Life of Field Stations. A History of community participation in scientific practice at the Igloolik Laboratory (1974-2004)

Source: Arts and Humanities Research Council, Grant AH/E001106/1
£20,075 (2007)

Arts and Humanities Research Council Research Workshops (Museums and Galleries) Scheme: The Material Culture of Polar Exploration

Source: Arts and Humanities Research Council, Grant AH/E500366/1
£14,849 (2006-2007)

The UK's polar art heritage: enhancing documentation and access to the collections at the Scott Polar Institute

Source: Arts and Humanities Research Council, Grant MG10134
£43,618 (2007-2008)

Interferometric evaluation of glacier rheology and change

Source: European Union, Framework 6, Grant SST3-CT-2003-502845
£91,604 (2004-2007)

Management of Bar-coding data for the identification of Antarctic marine animals from genetic (DNA)

Source: Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research CAML Barcoding Project
£45,578 (2007-2010)

HLF Stage 1 Museum Grant: Promoting Britain's Polar Heritage: Developing the Scott Polar Research Institute Museum

Source: Heritage Lottery Fund HG-06-01385/1
£50,000 (2007-2008)

Discovering the Poles: Historic Polar Images 1845-1960 (Freeze Frame Project)

Source: Joint Information Systems Committee Capital Programme: Digitisation.
£422,070 (2007-2009)