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SPRI Review 2006: Publications by Institute Staff

Publications by Institute Staff


  • Dowdeswell J.A. and Lane, H., 2006. The Antarctic Paintings of Edward Seago. Scott Polar Research Institute Occasional Publication, 98 pp.


(Includes several 2005 papers published too late to include in last year's report.)

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Chapters in Books and Other Contributions

  • Dowdeswell, J.A., 2006. Ice sheets and marine sedimentation on high-latitude continental margins. In Knight, P.G., (Ed.), Glacier Science and Environmental Change, p. 153-159. Blackwell, Oxford.
  • Ferringo, J..G., Foley, K.M., Swithinbank, C., Williams Jr., R.S. and Dailide, L.M., 2005. Coastal-change and glaciological map of the Ronne Ice Shelf area, Antarctica: 1974-2002. U.S. Department of the Interior: U.S. Geological Survey. ISBN 0607964413.
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  • Vitebsky, P. and Klein, R., 2006. ESF EUROCORES Programme BOREAS ("Histories from the North: environments, movements, narratives") up and running. Northern Notes: Newsletter of the International Arctic Social Sciences Association.

Student Doctoral and Masters Theses

  • Bartholomew, I., M.Phil. 2006. Marine-geophysical investigations of submarine landforms on high-latitude continental margins: channel networks carved by subglacial water, Marguerite Bay, Antarctic Peninsula.
  • Cassell, E., M.Phil. 2006. Honouring the past, building the future: is a truth and reconciliation commission the appropriate forum in which to address the legacy of Indian residential schools?
  • Dwyer, M., Ph.D. 2006. Komi reindeer herding: mobility and land use in a changing natural and social environment.
  • Grant, S., Ph.D. 2006. Development of a marine protected area system for Antarctica.
  • Sawchuk, C.M., M.Phil. 2006. Evangelical and aboriginal christianity on Baffin Island: a case study of Pond Inlet (Mittimatalik), 1929-1934.