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SPRI Review 2006: Polar Record

Polar Record

Four issues of Polar Record were published by Cambridge University Press during 2006. The important and welcome news was received during the year that the journal has achieved ISI status, meaning that each published paper is now included in the Science Citation Index. This achievement was due largely to the work of the Editor Emeritus, Dr Beau Riffenburgh, who retired after seeing the first issue of the year into the press. Dr Riffenburgh's unremitting efforts during the 14 years of his Editorship have enhanced the reputation of Polar Record as an international journal of polar research for the sciences, social sciences and the humanities. The present Editor would like to record his thanks to Dr Riffenburgh for his kindness and courtesy during the hand-over period. Fortunately, Dr Riffenburgh is continuing as Reviews Editor and we are grateful to have the continuing benefit of his wise advice. Thanks are also due to Dr Liz Cruwys, for many years Assistant Editor of the journal.

Ian Stone