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SPRI Review 2005: SPRI WWW Site


There have been a number of developments to the SPRI website this year. Most notably, the design of the main SPRI website and the WDCGC website were overhauled with a more modern design featuring photographs of the polar regions taken by SPRI staff. Research and staff biographical information has seen considerable enhancement and reorganisation, with further information being added regularly. The SPRI Shop pages were converted to a more pictorial format, with additional information about the products available. Product information is now maintained directly by the SPRI Shop staff rather than the Webmaster. A full online purchasing facility is expected to be launched in the coming year. The Library and Archives pages have seen various improvements, including an online booking-request form for Archives readers. An interactive exhibition, Virtual Shackleton, featuring items from the Archive, was also launched, and the intention is that further articles will be added as time allows. The Friends' pages were considerably expanded, with more information on events, many photographs and details of the new Executive Friends' scheme. Behind the scenes, staff now have access to a webpage editing facility, and so can make changes to pages without technical knowledge or intervention by the Webmaster.

Martin Lucas-Smith